Best Time to Send a Kid to Train Jiu Jitsu

In the beginning, it is important to know if a child is interested in this sport, then it is much easier for parents. However, each parent is worried when he for the first time sends a child to a martial art like Jiu- Jitsu, even though he knows all about that skill or does not know. Every parent in this world wants to know what is the best time or kids age to begin to train this great martial art. Allegedly according to some information about the many clubs and marital coaches, the answer is very simple, „if the kid is old enough to follow the instructions of an adult (other than the parent), let them train.”

Kids-jitsu programs are usually starting from 5 to 6 years old and so on ,it’s never too late to begin but everything is depending on the kid. In the beginning, their training mostly falls and plays. They have to get used to the mat and lose any fear of them. Every kid is different and their ability to sit through a class is the most important factor regardless of age.

They will learn takedowns (Osoto- gari, O goshi, double leg, single leg, etc), guard pulling, guard passing, side control, mount, how to escape mount, closed guard, sweeps, chokes, arm/shoulder locks, etc. Also, they learn dozens of technique drills (bridging, shrimping/hip heist, reverse shrimping/hip heist etc.) and number of different physical fitness drills they have done is mind blowing…well over a hundred (running, jumping, squats, push-ups, leg raises, obstacle course, etc.).

On the other hand a lot of the youngsters begin to cry or run off to mom when the other kid is dominating. Jiu-Jitsu is physically and mentally tough for everyone and especially for kids. They can get injured and it can be hard on the ego when getting tapped, particularly if they get involved in any competitions. So, many coaches said that mentally and physically kids aged 8 – 10 years old are mostly at a high level to accept this sport for serious and they will love to go every time to train.

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Also, it can help kids cope with emotions and aggression. Today in schools all over the world, there is the number of children that are bullied and that is a real problem in our society. It’s well known that Jiu-Jitsu can be a tool to help kids stand up to bullies,but Jiu- Jitsu art is better and higher because the kid has self-esteem, balance, pressure to release, discipline, respect for differences, respect, discipline and responsibility etc etc.

So, parents, if you have any doubts about jiu-jitsu, do not have them because it is amazing for kids and for adults also and all together will develop bonds with their training partners. Jiu-jitsu is such an awesome sport in so many ways, it deserves to be something you want for your kid for the long haul.

Toni Vrgoc

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  1. My son is 3 years old. He is the smallest and youngest student in his class. Today will be his 4th month in BJJ. He’s like a sponge … He quickly learns and is able to perform the chokes, takedowns and other techniques he’s being taught. He rolls in every class and he LOVES it! He rarely loses and he’s rolling with kids twice his size. Watching my son perform, I’m a true believer that BJJ is not about size and strength… It’s all about technique!

  2. I asked Master Royce this question. His answer was “now”. He said when we look at war torn countries and see kids with guns we’re appalled because that is not our culture but to those kids, it’s all they know. He said it’s the same for jiu jitsu, start the kids now so they learn the basics, the hip movement, the thought process, how to handle the pressure and the physicality. By the time they’re 16 and take more of an interest they’ll have all the tools they need. My oldest started at 6, my youngest at 3. While they both do great, I can see that my youngest does things more instinctual simply because it’s all he’s known. Meanwhile even if they don’t stick with it they will have learned valuable lessons about life that apply on and off the mat.


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