Ezekiel Choke Defense with a Wrist Lock as a Counter

How to Defend Ezekiel Choke with a Wrist Lock

I am going to share with you today a technique I picked up from Pedro Sauer many years ago. Ezekiel Choke’s defense and Ezekiel Choke countered with a Wrist Lock.

I asked Pedro about Ezekiel Choke and defense and it’s really cool defense to the Ezekiel choke. Pedro Sauer is actually a wizard. He is an absolutely phenomenal technician and he had like five different answers for and this one stuck in my mind. I like a lot. I don’t go for as much I actually might prefer, but this one was pretty cool. It’s basically a late defense to the Ezekiel choke.

Number 1 defense is, you don’t want your neck to get wrapped.
Then the second step is blocking the second hand from coming in.
If you’re very late in the whole process this defense can work and I made it work before.

So looks like we’re here. He got this arm underneath, If my defense goes south it’s inside of this arm I’m in trouble. What I want to do is sneak my right hand in, on the side of my neck. I will hold this nice and tight here and I’m waiting for opponents second hand to come in. As it comes in I’m gonna catch it right there at the top of his fingers.

Now I’m gonna reach around above my shoulder so he can’t straighten the arm anymore. I lock it there and I bridge over my shoulder in assemblage and pushing down into the wrist.

He has to verbally tap here, so be careful because when you come up putting the weight down and you push his wrist to the floor.

So what I do is that I’m catching his hand and grabbing a hold of the fingers. I’m grabbing all four fingers on the over top of the knuckles to have better leverage. Then I wrap above the shoulder and I bridge. As I Bridge I push down into the pretty little wrist lock.

So, give it a try. Hope you like it. If you ever get a chance to train with Pedro Sauer. He’s an amazing technician and an amazing teacher. Thank you very much, Pedro, for the technique.

by Professor Robin Giesler

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