The Carnivore Diet For BJJ – Is It A Bad Idea?  

Carnivore Diet For BJJ - Good Or Bad Idea ?
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Have you ever heard of the Carnivore diet? Of course, you have, you’re reading BJJ World, which all but guarantees you’re a fan of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Now, whether you’ve heard about the carnivore diet there first, or you’rea ware of it via any other way, you’ve probably wondered if it is a good diet for BJJ. I know I have. The diet, as it sounds, works by eating nothing but meat, although it does have a certain method behind the madness. Will it work for people looking to grapple at a high level though? Ti certainly seems like it would do the trick for weight cutting. Let’s try and answer some burning questions on this subject.

The healthy / sports diet landscape has been changing lightning fast as of late. Until just a few years ago, any new diets, or eating systems, or whatever they’re called now, took years to build up and present to people. Nowadays, I’d wager there’s a new diet or weight loss meal plan coming out every week. If you think it was easy to get lost among all the stuff out there before, you should try and search for any meal plans or diet nowadays. From general guidelines to specific stuff like a diet for BJJ or MMA, you’ll find pretty much anything online. The real question is, how much of that stuff will keep you healthy first, and help you achieve your athletic goals second? The carnivore diet is the one on trial today and we’ll see whether or not it fits the real needs of grapplers.

What Is The Carnivore Diet?

The Carnivore diet is a meal plan that is pretty restrictive, to begin with. In fact, the only things that you can have on the menu are all types of meat and fish, as well as eggs and a few dairy products. While it may seem similar to the Keto diet, it is actually way more restrictive. No vegetables, nuts, or seeds in this one, including Keto/Paleo people’s favorite: avocados. Goes without saying that all fruits, grains, and carbohydrates, in general, have no place in this diet plan.

Carnivore Diet For BJJThe carnivore diet is not really based on science, but more on the belief that humans are by evolution, designed to be carnivores. We all know that humans as a species are omnivores. Still, that’s not a reason not to explore this dieting approach further. That said, there are doctors, like orthopedic specialist Shawn Baker that recommend the diet. Of course, this diet being brand new and all, there’s a lot of research that needs to happen in order to get some real evidence as to whether it can help athletes achieve their two primary goals. Those are being healthy and achieving specific athletic performance goals. There are several carnivore diet studies taking place now. However, we’ll most likely have t wait quite a lot longer for genuine results.

When it comes to the meat choices in the Carnivore diet, you’re unrestricted as long as you have meat on your platter. Options include chicken, fish, beef, pork, lamb, wild game, organ meats, lard, bone marrow, etc. The fattier the meat, the better it will suit the diet. In fact, fat is the primary energy source in this diet. Although a bit controversial, given that they’re not made of meat, eggs and low carb dairy like butter and hard cheeses are also a part of this diet. That’s understandable, as eating meat only will surely become boring after a short while. The burning question, though, is whether the carnivore diet for BJJ?

Let’s Talk About Basic Human Biology

Evolution ideas aside, it is clear that as species, we’re meant to eat plants along with meat. Therefore, the basis of the Carnivore diet claiming humans are carnivores-only goes straight down the drain. If you think you’re a carnivore, think twice – even dogs are not pure carnivores, but omnivores. Only cats and several other species out there are pure carnivores. And no, humans are not among them.

That said, as humans, we do need meat to be a part of our diet, and it can freely be a large part of it. As a meal plan, the Carnivore diet does have its benefits. Whether or not it is an everyday diet for BJJ is a different question. First, it is an awesome way to cut carbs completely from your diet. While I don’t believe this is a good choice for the long run, it is certainly beneficial short term. The Carnivore diet will help you remove all processed carbs. More importantly, it’ll help you get used to living without them, which can be a very hard thing to accomplish. Moreover, it will definitely help you reach your protein goals of ht day, whatever they might be.

On the downside, there are certain health concerns when you first look at the Carnivore diet. First up, normally is the lack of fiber that comes with eating vegetables and fruit. Apart from supplements, there’s no real way of substituting for this. Moreover, higher fat meat means more cholesterol and sodium. Plus, even though the meat has essential amino acids and other compounds we absolutely need, it lacks in plenty of the micronutrients that are also essential to us humans. Not to mention all the processed meat-related diseases that modern research has brought to light.

Setting Up The Carnivore Diet For BJJ

As evidence suggests, you can pull off the Carnivore diet for BJJ, but only if you’re smart about it. In order to keep it in line with the first and most important goal of staying healthy, this diet shouldn’t be your long-term solution. Moreover, you’ll need to supplement vitamins and minerals, as well as a fiber supplement and perhaps even some probiotics. This is a must in order to maintain your body’s physiological balance.

The Carnivore Diet For BJJThat said, if you’re looking to cut weight, I doubt there’s a better way to slim down rapidly, particularly if you’re on a high-carb diet at the moment. The Carnivore diet is a very delicious way to trim down excess weight, although you do need to be careful. It can be hard to keep processed meat to a minimum on such a diet. That said, you can’t give in to eating all the sausage meat, pepperoni, and bacon you can. The reasons are more than obvious.

Speaking of foods you can eat on the Carnivore Diet, the rules for choosing food are simple. If it is meat or fish, it can be on the menu. Sides and exceptions include butter, hard cheeses, and whipping cream, along with eggs. Coffee and tea are also okay, without sugar, of course. Alcohol is a no-go due to its high sugar content. Also, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the minimum of sauces and certain seasonings. This can be more challenging than giving up carbs. When choosing meat, going for grass-fed and organic is a way better choice than reaching for the processed stuff. However, you can’t really get away from things like bacon and pepperoni on a diet like this. Everything is in moderation, even though you can eat as much as you want in a meal, and during any time of day on this diet.


All in all, the Carnivore diet is a balancing act, just like many other diet plans out there ara. However, it does tend to be more restrictive than others, and can even be harmful to some. As an athlete training in a very demanding combat sport, I doubt that adhering to the diet for a long period of time is a good idea. That said, as a short-term weight loss diet for BJJ, ti may just be the perfect hack. All you have to remember is to supplement wisely with greens, micronutrients and fiber supplements. This will help you retain your gut health. It will also help you regulate other physiological processes that require plant-based food.

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