BJJ Nutrition: The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu means your body needs the right fuel to work. Yes, you can get by on the average North American diet, but a good nutrition plan is going to make all the difference. Why struggle with heartburn, cramps and regular toilet urns? Instead, you could be smart about your food. The Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle often includes certain nutritional advantages but it’s hard to live off Acai and tapioca wraps. Especially if your country doesn’t have either on offer. Instead, when we’re talking about BJJ nutrition, we mean the principles that will fuel you for better performance on the mat. Staying healthy is just a side -effect.

In terms of adhering to a healthy nutrition plan, most people quote the same problem – time. The second most likely culprit is usually price. But BJJ nutrition doesn’t need to be time-consuming, nor expensive. Actually, if you do it correctly, you’re going to end up saving a few bucks. So excuses aside, where should you start with your nutrition? At the beginning, of course. IF you start your day off right, it’ll be much easier to stay in line with a diet plan. if you skip to Dunkin Doughnuts after you wake up, you’re off the bandwagon for sure.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. You’ve heard that one for sure. While it’s hard to talk definitively, this saying does have some truth to it. Eating a good meal at the start of your day can give you an instant shot of energy, which as you know, we’re all desperate for in the mornings. But, instead of just eating to satisfy taste, go for the full experience. Satisfy your taste, your stomach, you’re body’s energy needs and it’s potential to perform on the mats. Creating the habit of eating breakfast is not hard at all. Give it a try, stick with it for a couple of weeks and it’ll stop being a struggle. To get you going, we’re going to offer two breakfast options today, that are bound to become your favorites.

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Do You Reall Need Breakfast? 

The short answer to this question is no. However, skipping breakfast is going to make planning your nutrition for the day that much harder. You see, your body needs a certain amount of calories in order to function. The more physical demands you place on it, the more calories it’ll require.

Now imagine trying to get all those calories down from healthy food sources, in just two, or maybe three meals. Furthermore, imagine all those meals are crammed into a certain part of the day. It becomes really easy to jump off the BJJ nutrition train and back to your old habits. Yes, you could go for some nutrition protocols like intermittent fasting, but you’ll need lots of dedication and planning. Isn’t it easier to just simplify things and make yourself breakfast instead?

The benefits of having breakfast are numerous. First, you wake your digestive system up. next, you make sure your body has all the resources it needs to work. your muscles need protein, your brain needs carbohydrates and your endocrine system needs the fats. That’s putting it bluntly, but it’s true nonetheless. Furthermore, going through your day hungry is a difficult task for anyone. Especially if you have to train grappling in the morning. Instead of thinking about your rolls, you’ll just be focusing on that meal you’re planning to devour after. And I can bet you it’s not going to be a healthy one!

BJJ Nutrition Basics: Two Irresistible Breakfast Ideas

S what’s with this idea of two breakfast options? Well, we’re going to tackle both common problems for skipping breakfast with these options. Since most people complain that they haven’t got enough time in the morning we offer you the fast and the lighting fast breakfast options.

The most important thing about these options is that they focus on real food items that are easy to prepare and not expensive at all. Furthermore, they contain all the essential macronutrients your body needs. you have good quality carbs, good fats and ample amounts of protein. Not to mention how tasty they are.

  • The Fast BJJ Breakfast

BJJ nutrition BreakfastThis is the breakfast for people on the go, who still have 10 minutes to spare in the morning. First and foremost, start your day off right by drinking a glass of water. This sets you up perfectly for your day. next, brew yourself a cup of your favorite picks me up. It could be some kind of tea or just a regular cup of Joe. Adding coconut oil and/or butter to your coffee is optional and only limited by your preferences.

Next up, put a couple of pieces of good quality whole grain bread in the toaster and fire up the oven. Use coconut oil, as it is the perfect fat source. Throw in a few eggs and some veggies if you like and scramble them up. They should be ready by the time your bread slices pop out of the toaster. Throw your eggs on your bread and slice up some avocado to top it off.

Whenever you’re looking for variety, go for sunny side, poached or boiled eggs. you could even make a french toast if you’re into it. A sprinkle of cheese won’t do you much harm either.

  • BJJ Breakfast For Hectic Mornings

This one is easy. I’ll offer up two varieties, although the first one is my favorite by far. What you should do when you’re rushing out the door is just grab a bag of trail mix and a scoop of protein. Trail mix has fats, protein, a bunch of minerals and fiber so it works just as good as any meal would do. And just to ramp up your morning protein intake, simply put water in your shaker and mix well. To really feel satiated and make this the perfect BJJ nutrition meal, grab a piece of seasonal fruit as well.

BJJ NutritionThe second version of this breakfast requires a couple of minutes of your time. Put a fruit (or more), some protein powder and some oat in a blender. Top it off with milk, or better yet use coffee. That way you get everything you need in a bottle and ready to go. On top of everything, it’s going to keep you completely full until your next meal. A simple recipe includes a banana, some berries, rolled oats, a tablespoon of peanut butter/coconut oil and a double shot of your favorite coffee. Enjoy!

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