Performance Nutrition For Grapplers

The “food is fuel” statement is commonly known among athletes, but very few seem to take it seriously. An integral part of athletic health and well-being, nutrition should not be taken lightly. Along with proper recovery and training strategies, it creates the tripod of athletic performance. If one of the tripod’s legs is bent or crooked, the stability of the whole structure is at risk. If one of the legs is missing then there’s no tripod to start with, and sitting on a two-legged one is a challenge in the best of circumstances. So, why do most athletes seem to ignore or completely misunderstand nutrition? Personally, I see two main reasons for it:  People are not well informed on the subject and opt for shortcuts and/or the advice of incompetent sources; People are too much into nutrition and suffer from “paralysis by analysis”, not giving … Continue reading Performance Nutrition For Grapplers