Gordon Ryan Accuses Lachlan Giles for Steroids Use, Lachlan Fires Back With $500k Bet

Gordon Ryan Accuses Lachlan Giles for Steroids Use, Lachlan Fires Back With $500k Bet
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Gordon Ryan accused Lachlan Giles of using steroids and received a response from Lachlan in the form of a bet.

Gordon Ryan and Lachlan Giles fought at the ADCC in 2019 when Gordon managed to stop Giles’ winning streak in the Absolute Category and secure himself a second gold medal.

However, that is not the only connection between Gordon and Giles. Their probably biggest link is Craig Jones who said he hates it when his parents quarrel while thinking of the duo of Ryan and Giles. Jones trained with Giles for many years until he moved to New York where he trained with Gordon, and now they have gone together to live and train in Puerto Rico. This is exactly the reason why many on social media speculate that Gordon Ryan has insider information from Craig Jones, but for now, these are just speculations.

What has happened in recent days is that Gordon Ryan accused Lachlan Giles of using steroids by calling him out on Instagram and responding to his comment:

“My Opinion: if you have competed with PED’s you cheated and should relinquish any accomplishments” – wrote Lachlan Giles

“I’m sick of everyone on the sauce white knighting” – commented Gordon Ryan while tagging and taking a screenshot of Lachlan’s comment

“LOL, he will be Extra mad when he hears I don’t even lift weights” – wrote Lachlan Giles as an answer to some random guy’s comment that Gordon is already mad on his comment about PEDs

Soon after, Gordon replied: “I don’t even lift weights … yeah everyone knows you hit that big growth spurt when you turn 30, gain 20 lbs of solid muscle, your head doubles in size, and your jawlike fills out to superhero level. What world this “…

After that, Gordon continued:

“It’s no one’s fault that you’re sauced up and still can’t manage to win a single gold medal in any ruleset. Maybe try getting better, or just take more juice like everyone else”

“Like if you look at those 2 comparison pictures and think to yourself, Yea, a guy could attain that transformation in his 30s while never lifting weights, you’re a f… MORON.”

“Furthermore, every tournament besides IBJJF (and only in the last few years) allows PEDS. It’s not cheating in almost any tournament lmao. And if it is, Lachlan should give back his bronze medal along with all the money he’s made in DVDs, seminars, and sign-ups because of that medal. Oh, he doesn’t wanna do that? Ya don’t say?”

Gordon Ryan claims Lachlan is using steroids

Lachlan Giles then posted a photo of him when he was 17 with a comment that he was much bigger than he is today when he was actually lifting weights.

“17-years-old, bigger than I am today lol. Did actually go to the gym then.”

Gordon replied to the photo of Lachlan:

“I’m not sure what this has to do with gaining lean mass in your 30s without lifting…”

Soon after Ryan”s comment, Lachlan Giles decided to shut Gordon with a bet. He offered $500k of his own money for only $5k of Ryan’s money that he’ll pass any drug test from now on till ADCC 2021.

“my 500k vs your 5k, any time between now and ADCC 2021. You can tell me to get tested and I will go to ASADA to get tested as fast as possible. You pay for the test, and If I come back positive you get 500k” – wrote Lachlan Giles

Till now Gordon didn’t reply if he’ll accept the bet or not.

What’s your opinion on this? Is Lachlan on PEDs? Is Gordon afraid to put the money where his mouth is?

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