Grappling Diet Tips For Getting A Six-Pack

Grappling Diet Tips For Getting A Six-Pack
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Everyone wants to have a six-pack! That is the one universal truth for everyone, man or woman. The only difference is some wouldn’t mind having it, and some would do anything to get it. That said, getting a six-pack is never an easy thing (bar those few that have impeccable genetics). In terms of grappling performance, a six-pack isn’t a necessity However, a strong core really does help, plus who doesn’t want to look great with a shirt off? Yeah, you can be a BJJ world champion with a bit of isolation around the waist but wouldn’t it be much better if you won worlds titles with a six-pack on? Try our collection of grappling diet tips and you’ll see that getting one is actually not that hard.

We already covered the fact that everyone wants a six-pack, whether they admit it or not. You should also know by now that how and what you eat determines your success in that matter. No amount of core training, crunches or grappling will get you all the way to a ripped six-pack. Fine-tuning your nutrition, on the other hand, is the secret to making those abs pop, whether it is for the beach or for ultimate mat performance. You, do not need to restructure your entire meal plan to achieve it, just give our simple grappling diet tips a try!

Performance vs. Looks

There’s a huge debate in the world of martial arts about whether you need to look good to perform well. The simple answer is no. From Roy Nelson, all the way to Orlando Sanchez you can see that performance and looks are not really dependent on each other. However, when you’re training and really dedicated to a lifestyle, isn’t it better to go all-in? Trust me, getting a six-pack is not as hard as you might think. In fact, it can be downright easy with just a few key grappling diet tips.

Grappling Diet Tips For Six-Pack AbsAs far as why you need strong abs, the answer is easy. There’s no muscle group more important for grappling than the core. And the main muscle group within the core ara the abs. Let’s just be clear here, when we’re talking abs we are refreshing to the six-pack. However, without the muscles of the lower back, there’s actually no six-pack. So, training-wise, remember that core training or at least training that includes lower back muscles is a must.

Another huge reason to actually want to develop a six-pack is the confidence factor. The more comfortable you are with your looks, the better your performance is going o be. This has al to do with the mental aspect of looking at things. If you’re in the best shape of your life, you know there’s not much more you can do to prepare. If your skill training is on the same level, you’ll have the confidence to roll over everyone who stands across you on the mats. Plus, you’ll look good while doing it.

All About The Food Choices

As stated earlier, a few key grappling diet tips can really change how you look and perform. In that sense, it is mostly down to the foods you, etc. The most important thing is eating the right foods. The second most important thing is eating them at the right time. Only then should you worry about amounts and macros. As I said, the tips are simple, but adhering to them is the real challenge. But we have “shortcuts” for that as well. Speaking of a six-pack, Let’s start with the key foods for a sustainable grappling diet.

First up on your plate, whenever you sit down to chow should be greens. Spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli, and everything with a dark green color should be the first thing you use. Oh and try and eat them fresh rather than cooked. Protein, in the form of lean protein, should e next. Eggs, chicken, and fish lead the way, but the occasional red meat is okay too. Just stay away from bacon and all other processed stuff. How do you do that? Make sure you shop at a butcher shop rather than Walmart.

Healthy fats come next, and this is where nuts and avocados rule. Nuts and seeds are both a great snack and a perfect addition to green salads. Finally when it comes to carbs, go with potatoes, fruit, and the occasional rice.  Bread and pasta once a week or so is ok, as long as you choose whole grain, and you do not overeat.

Finally coffee is great for your metabolism, as is green tea, so find a way to accommodate at least one in your daily nutritional routine.

The Six Pack Grappling Diet

Instead of only talking about a grappling diet and not sharing one, we’ll do it. Actually, we’ll do even better – we’ll teach you how to build one for yourself. Since we already covered the main food categories you should be using, it is time to talk about our second grappling diet tip – timing.

Grappling Diet Tips To Get A Six-PackAn essential staple of every diet is when you et. It is actually much more important than how much you eat. To that extent you should remember the following – eat carbohydrate-heavy meals (fruit, potatoes, rice, bread) first time in the morning and/or after training. If you want the healthiest, most hassle-free and quickest way to see results, do intermittent fasting. That means eat lunch, eat/drink a snack and grab dinner. Then, fast for 16 hours, meaning skip breakfast. It is just about the best eating protocol for grapplers you can do.

Finally, in terms of quantity, understand one thing. You’ll never be able to sustain a grappling diet by measuring everything on a digital scale. Trust me, I’ve tried it. Instead, choose your foods wisely, and their intake. Then, build your meals the way we spoke – greens, protein, fats and if you’re having them, carbs. Eat enough so that you’re not hungry but do not overeat. If you’re fasting, feel free to make your first meal a big one, and don’t worry about how much of each you eat, as long as you eat the foods that we talked about and not calorie-dense processed stuff. Do all of the above and your six-pack is not only going to show, but it’ll remain there without you having to starve. Not to mention how easy it is to hit your desired weight for tournaments.

Closing Thoughts

Eating healthy improves performance, aesthetics, health, and makes weight cutting easier. Plus it gives you such a boost in confidence that you’ll dominate in every aspect of life. Yeah, getting a six-pack might be a sign of vanity. However, in a competitive sport like BJJ, a bit of vanity won’t hurt, particularly when it helps you get results. Our grappling diet tips above are simple, sustainable, and proven to work. Now it is your turn. Give the ma try and let us know how you fare!

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