Tournament Day BJJ Nutrition Hacks

It is the night before a tournament and you’ll all ready to go! You put the hours in the gym, drilled like crazy, you’ve got a gas tank for an ultramarathon and you’re on weight. Your Gi/rashguard is ready and up to the standards, the gameplan is decided, you ahve the perfect cornermen. Everything seems to be going along just fine. You had a perfect nutrition plan that brought you fast and easy to maintain results. Then you go out to dinner with the team and, since you’re on weight, you make the mistake of grabbing some comfort-food style meal. Or, even worse, you stuff yourself with the wrong stuff the morning of the tournament. Suddenly all your effort goes waste, simply because of bad pre-tournament BJJ nutrition. We’ve all been there. Competing in a weight-class sport is difficult under any circumstances. When that sport is grappling, the … Continue reading Tournament Day BJJ Nutrition Hacks