What Should A Pre-Training BJJ Meal Look Like?

Brazilian Jiu-JItsu is a complete lifestyle, as I have outlined many times before. Those that “get bitten by the bug” surrender completely to the complete Jiu-Jitsu experience. From a few Gis to the mandatory grappling competition t-shirts, and all the way to eating like a Brazilian. IN truth, after you get over the “I want to be Brazilian” phase you’ll focus on nutrition the way it should be. When you do, every meal is going to become important as you fuel your body for performance. Out of these, the pre-training BJJ meal is probably going to impact you the most. This is how the perfect BJJ meal should look like. The BJJ lifestyle is a great one, to be honest. I’ve been training for quite some time now and utterly enjoy the lifestyle. I like to think that I’m past the “Porra” and ‘Isooo” phase … Continue reading What Should A Pre-Training BJJ Meal Look Like?