Garry Tonon – Triangle Escape With Leg Lock Finish

Garry Tonon - Triangle Escape With Leg Lock Finish

Garry Tonon’s nickname is “The Lion Killer” and having that name means you have to be able to back it up. And Garry dit id very successfully. He’s the multiple World No-Gi & Pan Ams No-Gi Champion. He’s simply one of the best BJJ practitioners in the world atm specializing in submissions and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu.

Garry is the first EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational) champion in the 170 lbs weight category.

Garry Tonon has s special style of Jiu-Jitsu. It’s easily defined as “Submission over position”. And with that style, you really need to know how to escape from various positions. Garry is hunting for submissions all the time and he also gets himself into bad positions probably more often than anyone else.

That’s the reason why he developed awesome escapes with a lot of counters. And this escape he shows is just that. Awfully good escape with a kneebar as a counter.

A triangle choke is a scary choke itself and getting out of it can be a very challenging task. But if you have an option to submit your opponent after it you should go for it. That’s exactly the time when your opponent is disappointed with his failed Triangle choke attempt and your chances of submitting him are much higher at that moment.

In this video, Garry shows a pretty slick Triangle choke escape with a transition to a leg lock. After he escapes he has more options on how to finish his opponent. He can go with a heel hook or ankle lock depending on the rules of a tournament. Whether it is a submission-only tournament or tournament with IBJJF rules there is an answer


Tom DeBlass DVD and Digital Instructionals
Tom DeBlass DVD and Digital Instructionals

If you’re interested in all kinds of escapes from numerous submissions make sure to check out Tom DeBlass’s DVD instructional. It’s called Submission Escapes! It can really improve your escape skills. And when we talk about Tom DeBlass, he’s the guy who wasn’t submitted in competition for more than 10 years. Not even mentioning that Tom DeBlass’s guard is almost impossible to pass. He’s been working on it for the last 15 years and it’s nearly perfect. Check Tom DeBlass’ Half Guard DVD Instructional named Half Domination

Worry Free Escapes by Dean Lister
Worry-Free Escapes by Dean Lister

There is also another Great Escape Instructional from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Legend Dean Lister. He’s very well known for his leg locks and intentional giving legs to people so he could defend them and submit them. He’s the guy who inspired John Danaher with his legendary sentence “why would you ignore 50% of the human body”. Dean Lister gathered all of his best escapes and put them in this instructional. It’s called Worry-Free Escapes. And it’s something that will get your escapes to another level. And once you’re not afraid of being submitted you’re more offensive and that can be the game changer in your BJJ. So, check out the technique List and Dean Lister’s Worry-Free Escapes Instructional

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