BodyWeight Exercises Based on Jiu-Jitsu Movement

BodyWeight Exercises Based on Jiu-Jitsu Movement
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In this article, we bring you bodyweight exercises based on Jiu-Jiu movement. They are based on something that you do every day in your BJJ class. No matter if you’re sparring or drilling the movement is there. And that’s the best way to exercise to build your muscles and gain strength and condition.

We can easily say that with these exercises you will “kill two birds with one stone”. You can check the tutorial on doing some of the bodyweight exercises HERE.

Bodyweight Exercises and its benefits

Bodyweight exercises are actually a type of strength training, which helps you build your muscles and rebuild muscle wear that develops while you age or while you’re training.
There’s a lot of studies that show that building muscle mass is great for your heart, lungs, hormone production, blood vessels, brain activity and your health in general. And the special thing about bodyweight exercises is that you don’t need any machines or weights. It’s just you and your muscles against gravity. It’s proven that bodyweight exercises greatly improve your abilities including strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Bodyweight Exercises Advantage over Weight Lifting

Bodyweight Exercises are a great choice for people that don’t have the equipment but are interested in Fitness. Although some bodyweight exercises require equipment most of them don’t. So, they’re also great when you’re traveling as you can do them simply anywhere. If you compare bodyweight exercises to weightlifting with bodyweight exercises you’re less likely to hurt yourself due to the absence of weights that your body can’t handle. It’s less likely that you’ll place a strain on your tendons and muscles that you’re not able to deal with.

One of the main advantages is also a fact that Bodyweight exercises work for several muscle groups at once.

Bodyweight Exercises for Jiu-Jitsu and its Benefits

While you’re doing bodyweight exercises there’s most of the time no isolation of one group of muscles which is very important for Jiu Jitsu, BJJ or any other grappling sport. Because in BJJ or Grappling sports your whole body is working all the time. Whatever you do in Jiu Jitsu you’re working with many groups of muscles so bodyweight exercises are perfect to prepare your body for grappling activities. So no matter what type of bodyweight program you choose you are sure that you will work on your agility, cardio, and strength altogether. To make it simple, you will work on everything that is needed for your Jiu-jitsu, BJJ, or any other grappling sport training.

Bodyweight Exercises Based on Jiu Jitsu movement

These types of exercises are simply the best for your Jiu-jitsu training. While you’re building your muscles, muscle endurance, your cardio, your strength or you’re burning fat why wouldn’t you train Jiu-Jitsu at the same time? There’s so much movement in Jiu-Jitsu that you’re doing all the time, so why wouldn’t you combine them in your Bodyweight training routine? There’s simply no reason for that especially if you’re doing all the exercises to be more effective in Jiu Jitsu. That’s why we bring you 21 bodyweight exercises based on Jiu-Jitsu movement. All of these exercises are based on BJJ, grappling and on the way of how you can improve your Grappling while you’re working out.

21 Exercícios de Preparação Para o Jiu-Jitsu

Pega seu kimono e vem pro tatame porque eu preparei 21 exercícios baseado nos movimentos do Jiu Jitsu pra você !!Para saber mais sobre o meu treinamento, conheça o Programa Xtreme ➡️ que qualquer um pode fazer estes exercícios, sempre respeitando seu limite, a variação de movimentos é a chave pra alcançar melhores resultados!

Posted by Sérgio Bertoluci – Xtreme 21 on Thursday, September 15, 2016

You can also check out other Bodyweight exercises on a link below so that you can combine them with your other body weight exercises. Do them all and you’ll never be bored and you’ll also improve your Jiu Jitsu as fast as you can.

Bodyweight Workout for BJJ

10 Strength and Condition Bodyweight Exercises for Jiu Jitsu – Tutorial

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