Bodyweight Workout for BJJ

This is a great bodyweight circuit to help grapplers improve overall cardio, muscular endurance and burn fat. Bodyweight training is a must for all combat athletes for better overall conditioning – Bodyweight Program for Fighters HIIT Bodyweight circuit for BJJ, Grapplers and MMA Perform each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and complete 3 full rounds. Use Checkout Code “FIRST15” to get 15% OFF on ALL Products 1. Burpee Kick Outs 2. Spiderman Push Ups 3. Jump Squats 4. Hip Thrusts with Triangle 5. Bear Crawls 6. Everest Climbers 7. Up-Downs 8. Table Top Kick Ups 9. Plank Alternating Leg and Arm Raise 10. Bunny Hop Sprawls   Use checkout code “FIRST15” to get 15% OFF on all products