Jiu-Jitsu Regain Your Health and Refresh Your Mind

Jiu-Jitsu Regain Your Health and Refresh Your Mind
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Did you know that GOOGLE enabled its employees to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
(BJJhereinafter), or introduced the BJJ as the ideal means of recreation? I agreed that BJJ has everything that their employees need. Considering that Google is one of the largest and the strongest in the world in terms of software technology, it is obvious that many of their employees spend time just for a computer. You can assume what kind of position. In addition, the live communication was minimized, as the face-to- face communication was replaced by a virtual company.

As each major company is in the best interest of the health of its employees (the health of the world health organization is perfect for the harmony of the physical, psychological, social and material condition), the more healthier and happier the workers will be, the more productive.
The first is followed by a team of physical culture professionals: from all sporting activities
they chose FJJ. The reason is many: BJJ is one of the rare sports where it is possible to dose the intensity of the fight.

You can not do judo or wrestling without good preparation. What is striking sports is that
most people have an aversion to beatings, so the choice fell to BJJ from martial arts. They
also want something to make them come closer and socialize, so that other individual sports were discarded. There are other sports games and martial arts.

With due respect for teammates, BJJ is quite interesting (the important fact is that it is
relatively new and different from other sports), it works in pairs, it is a close contact sport and develops friendships that can not be acquired through the account.

He asks you to respect each other, because otherwise you can hurt what is not desirable. Here is just the body of an instrument, not a ball, a basket, a naked or some other requisite. Asking a man to drop the ego and sue down and to learn and to escape and to accept the defeat.

Although an individual sport is what the competition is about, it can not be trained without a certain number of people, the more it is, the better and more efficient it is because of the
change of partner because everyone has their own style of struggle and the more one gets used to one that is not. The doctors clearly gave their consent to the health aspect: a complete sport that develops many organic systems and improves health and how good it is for psychological and spiritual health is so good for physical.

When one such strong company puts in its BJJ program, it’s clear to you that this is a very deserved place. In addition, the material and technical conditions are very modest. I have little space and clutter, and the ground for the BJJ is over. It is known that in the world of companies that are engaged in occupations where there is no physical activity, various sports and recreational activities are offered to their employees, mostly they are fitness centers.

Here, we see space for something else but gym and fitness. BJJ is truly an ideal means of
recreation and needs to be popularized as much as possible. If you have a colleague who suits this profile, get to know him with these facts and drag him to the mat!

Toni Vrgoc

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