The Best Self Defense Video Ever!

The best self defense video ever
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When you think of the self defense what’s the first idea on your mind? It’s probably how you will take the guy down or punch him in a face or maybe kick him in the nuts? But that shouldn’t really be first on your mind when you think of self defense.

The first thing should be to avoid any kind of physical conflict. OK, maybe you won’t look like some bad ass or the toughest guy on the planet, but to those who have a bit of brain you will definitely look smarter. And being smart in those situations is all what counts at the end of the day.

In this video we can see some verbal examples on how to avoid any kind of physical conflict and how to be a real winner in those situations. Kicking someone’s ass is not really a win, especially if you end up in jail because he hits the floor with his head or you have to pay a huge amounts of money to someone you barely know!

Sifu Tim Tackett at the CSW 2016 World Conference sharing some ideas of how to avoid getting into a fight.

Posted by Bob Burgee on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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