“Self Defense Expert” looks silly against grappler!

“Self Defense Expert” without Grappling Experience aginst wrestler

Self-defense without grappling? Is it even possible to call anyone a self-defense expert without any grappling knowledge? Do you think it is ok to call yourself a Self Defense expert without any takedown defense, or grappling experience?

Check out this video and see how it looks like when you clinch against any kind of grappler. And you will clinch most of the time in any type of fighting.

When showing a self-defense move goes wrong…:)

Posted by Martial Artist on Sunday, May 21, 2017

You can also check how silly Fred Mastro looks in an MMA fight in a video below, and he’s one of the world’s most known self-defense martial artists.

Fred Mastro in an MMA Fight – Let’s See if He’s Able to Apply his Techniques in a real MMA fight

Jocko Willink: Jiu-Jitsu is Only the Second Most Effective Form of Self Defense

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