Best MMA Wrist Braces 2021 Guide With Reviews

The Ultimate Best MMA Wirst Braces 2019 guide with In-Depth Reviews Of Each

Regardless of the choice of sports, there’s one certain thing – injuries inevitably do happen. When it comes to combat sports, particularly live sparring ones like BJJ or MMA, the rate of injuries is even higher. Thankfully, most injuries common to mixed martial arts training are nothing major or debilitating. They are however a real nuisance that can ultimately lead to more serious issues. That is exactly the reason why so much of the “basic” MMA training gear is protective. In certain cases, though, you need either specialized protective gear or special support gear to be able to nurse an injury faster. Moreover, training with an injury, as bad as that idea is, is impossible without reliable support gear, like for example, the best MMA wrist braces. 

Out of the injuries that plague MMA fighters regularly, there’s one that is probably more common than anything else. In fact, it is not so much a specific injury as it is an area of the body that gets injured. The area I’m talking about is the wrists. injuries to the wrists among MMA athletes are virtually inescapable. While the level of seriousness varies, most of them are nothing to really worry about. However, they can very easily turn into bigger issues and even require surgical help which may derail a scheduled fight. Keeping your wrists healthy is not hard, but keeping them injury-free when you already have a tweak can be challenging, this is where the best MMA wrist braces come in.

Training With Wrist Injuries In MMA 

First and foremost, it is never a good idea to train with an injury. That said, plenty (if not all) of MMA fighters or grapplers are too stubborn to accept this. Professional MMA fighters, on the other hand, do not have the luxury of taking time off whenever something hurts. That either means training in pain or figuring a way around it.

The reason the wrist is among the most often injured body parts in MMA is the rate of its use. When you come to think of it, every art that’s an integral part of MMA has a high occurrence of wrist injuries. With boxing and Muay Thai, the reasons are clear – it can be sparring, pad work, bag work, or any of a million other things. In wrestling, it is down to awkward landings and clumsy grips to provide ample injuries to the wrists. And finally, grappling has more ways than any of the above in which the wrist can get damaged, often seriously. Now put them all together, and you have the perfect recipe for wrist destruction. And that is before you even throw a punch inside the cage.

One thing that we all accept and wear, even during light bag work, is MMA hand wraps. They provide support for our wrists, as well as extra padding for the knuckles. While we are on the subject of hand wraps, let’s make something clear – they are irreplaceable and you need to wear them every time you train. However, sometimes your wrists need even more support than hand wraps can offer. This is when you need to turn towards specialized MMA wrist braces. And we have the absolute best MMA wrist braces 2021 guide for you below:

Best MMA Wrist Braces of 2021

If there’s one joint in the body that’s really complicated, it is the wrist. Granted, it is not nearly as complex as the ankle, but it is definitely a runner-up! That said, the range of motion of the wrists, and the different forces that impact them translate to a whole host of potential injuries. Throw into that MMA training, where the wrists take impact, get twisted, bent, and pushed to their limits daily, and you can see how important the best MMA wrist braces are for combat athletes.

One major thing with the best MMA wrist braces is that you can use them to actively train MMA. That means that you can grapple with them, strain strength and conditioning, and most importantly strike with them. In that sense, all but one of the choices below fit perfectly underneath MMA gloves, and they all fit into sparring gloves with ease. Of course, as always, we made sure we included nothing but the highest quality, best-priced products available. Given how important their protective qualities are, style and variety in design were not among our primary criteria, Still, we do have a lot of options, as you can see below.

Once again, we do not recommend you train with an injury, no matter how insignificant it may be. But if you must train, then at least use the best possible protection and support gear available in 2021!


Best MMA Wirst Braces 2019 guide - Brace Up

We open the best MMA wrist braces 2021 guide with the smallest amount of all our entries today. This one is a wrist brace that only covers the wrist area. It is fully adjustable and is the perfect support for anyone that has issues with the wrist area. In terms of support, it offers both compression and direct support, without restricting the range of motion.
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As per our criteria, this MMA wrist brace fits under any MMA glove with ease. Furthermore, you can either cover it up with hand wraps or place it after you wrap your hand. The brand behind it is BraceUp, one of the leading manufacturers of ultra high-quality protective gear for athletes. The brace itself is black, with the white and orange logo on top. There is a hook and loop Velcro-type closure that allows for maximum adjustability and customization. The material is a special Neoprene blend that guarantees durability as well as comfort. The brace provides extended support along with precise pressure to alleviate any wrist pain. Fits both left and right.


Best MMA Wirst Braces 2019 guide - Muller Wrist Brace

The Muller Green wrist brace is one of the top options you can get if you’re a combat athlete. As far as MMA training, particularly grappling goes, I’ve taken this for a “test run” and it performs flawlessly. It doesn’t’ restrict motion enough to impede training, but offers extended protection for all the structure in your wrist, plus the thumb joint.
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This MMA wrist brace is also available in black color only, featuring a small logo on the top. The quality of Muller’s supportive gear is beyond question, and this one is not only high quality but also comes at a great discounted price! It comes in two different sizes that pretty much provide options for everyone. Those are small/medium and large/extra large. Moreover, two adjustable straps further allow you to customize the fit and compression. They are based on the hook and loop system and close via velcro patches. This wrist brace is somewhat bulky and may be hard to fit in an MMA fight glove. They do work great with sparring gloves though. Plus, they offer a lot of overall protection

Made from environmentally friendly, antimicrobial materials. They come in singles and you need to order specifically for the right or left hand. 


Best MMA Wirst Braces 2019 guide - Sparthos Wrist Sleeves

Simple, effective, and the most unrestrictive pair of best MMA wrist braces in our 2021 guide. In fact, these are more sleeves than braces per se, but they do provide insane amounts of support, particularly when paired with MMA hand wraps. Plus, they come in a lot of different color designs, offering additional variety.
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The Sparthos Wrist Support sleeves are tailor-made for MMA training. They also offer more variety than any other pair in our guide. Namely, they are available in sizes that range from small to extra large. Furthermore, they come in either cobalt blue, desert beige, flamingo pink, or midnight black color. They work more or less like a pull over hand wraps. These compression sleeves are made from an innovative breathable elastic blend and are designed to be extra thin and extra strong. In terms of fitting in any kind of MMA gloves, these are easily the best option. They offer targeted compression and a solid level of support. They also help with a whole host of trouble, ranging from arthritis to osteoporosis. The best part is that they come as a pair and with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Best MMA Wirst Braces 2019 guide - Copper Premium Wrist Strap

Earlier I stated that all but one of the best MMA wrist braces in our 2021 guide fit easily under MMA fight gloves. Well, this brace is the exception. However, if you’re still looking to train with a borderline serious injury, you’d be hard-pressed to find better support than the one this wrist brace has to offer.
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The Copper Compression Gear Wrist Braces are one of the heavier-duty pieces of MMA protective gear. Given that it has metal inserts, I wouldn’t recommend live sparring with it, but you can freely hit pads or bags if you’re too impatient to wait for your injury to heal.  This wrist brace is available in black, comes single, and does not fit both hands. It is also the one brace that covers every issue you might have with your wrists, bar some major trauma. This is the perfect brace to get you through training while your’ recovering from wrist injuries. It is extremely comfortable and made from special materials.

This brace is odor resistant, has moisture-wicking properties, helps with thermoregulation of the wrists, and is incredibly lightweight. Still, it is the strongest one in our best MMA wrist braces 2021 guide, hugely thanks to the ultra-strong metal support inserts. Three hook and loop Velcro closures ensure maximal adjustability. Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Best MMA Wirst Braces 2019 guide - Dr. Arthritis Wrist Brace

This wrist brace is yet another minimalist wrist support brace. However, apart from targeting the wrist area, it also offers support to the thumb and lower portion of the palm as well. It is a really high-quality product that is, at the same time, the best price one in our best MMA wrist braces 2021 guide. Another one that is perfect for combat athletes.
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This wrist brace is made by Dr. Arthritis, which is a brand that provides medical-grade support gear. Compared to similar products, the quality of this brace clearly stands out. It comes in black, one size only, and is fully adjustable. The strap system ensures the brace does not slip even during intense training. There is medical-grade copper-lined support that ensures maximal wrist protection. The material is a blend of 65% neoprene and 35% Nylon, guaranteeing durability and comfort. As simple as this brace might look it covers a whole host of wrist issues and fits easily into any MMA glove. Moreover, there’s a doctor-written handbook that comes with every purchase, full of tips, and exercises to help speed up recovery. Once again, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee, as well as 24-hour support.


Best MMA Wirst Braces 2019 guide - Comfy Brace Wrist Support

This brace is pretty much my personal favorite. It is essentially a hybrid of everything we saw earlier in our best MMA wrist braces 2021 guide. It works as both a brace and a sleeve, offering maximum support and protection while not being bulky at all. Plus, it is available at an unbelievable price!
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The ComfyBrace adjustable wrist brace is an ambidextrous brace that is ideal for MMA fighters. It is basically an ergonomic hand splint that is fully adjustable as a result of hook and loop fasteners. The brace is made from extra soft, breathable material that contains cushioned beds. There’s also a metal splint to offer extended support. Furthermore, there are moisture-wicking properties to the material, and it is odor-resistant as well. It comes in black color and is very easy to wash and maintain. Plus, the fact that it fits both hands is a bonus for anyone involved in combat sports. a 100% money-back guarantee is included., with a lifetime value.


Best MMA Wirst Braces 2019 guide - Brace UP Adjustable Wrist Strap

Rounding off our best MMA wrist braces 2021 guide is the same brand that kicked it off. This time, though, we feature a much different BraceUp product. Contrary to their Wrist Compression Strap, the Adjustable Wrist Support Brace offers much more support and variety. It is also ambidextrous and very affordable!
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This is an all-black or silver-colored wrist brace that is great for MMA training. t is easy to fit underhand wraps and gloves and does not impede motion. At the same time, it is a very strong and sturdy piece of protective gear, covering a whole host of injuries and conditions that may affect your wrist(s). The material is a durable Neoprene blend that offers warmth and comfort in addition to support. It helps relieve pain, get through training and speed up recovery time. There’s a thumb loop that both makes it easy to put on and off and helps protect the thumb joint as well. The brace works just as fine for both hands, meaning you’ll only need one. 


Types Of MMA Wrist Braces

As previously mentioned, wrist braces can vary a lot. In fact, we can even count hand wraps among them, as they play pretty much the same role. When it comes to the heavier duty types of braces though, we need to take into account several different types. |it is not just for the sake of variety. Different types of wrist races offer different support for different types of injuries. After all, the wrist joint is a highly complex one and there’s no one brace to solve all your wrist injury issues.

The main thing to consider with wrist braces is if they’re built for MMA. All of the best MMA wrist braces above fit the needs of combat athletes perfectly. When it comes to different types of braces, the main thing to consider is if you can use them to train striking. Braces that are too big and too restrictive are definitely the wrong option to pick. Furthermore, braces that are too thick or restrict the range of motion are also tough to train with.

The main types of wrist braces you can use in MMA are divided according to size. By size, I do not mean the specific size of each brace, but rather how big a part of your hand they cover. In that sense, MMA wrist braces can cover the wrist only, or extend upwards and even encompass the fingers. They all have different support to offer, but they give the athlete every opportunity to spar and train. That means that each of the braces featured in our best MMA wrist braces 2021 guide can provide you with a different aspect of support and protection. Everything you need is just a click away!

Closing Thoughts

Wrist injuries have the ability to completely destroy someone’s MMA or even grappling career. The fact that people often take them for granted e=fruther increases the dangers of serious injuries and subsequent complications. Wrist Braces are not commonly seen as an integral part of MMA gear, due to the use of hand wraps. However, if your wrists are all banged up, using one of the best MMA wrist Braces of 2021, in addition to hand wraps as a great way of ensuring you can keep training and recover all at the same time!

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