Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2021 – Guide And Reviews

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If there’s one thing that needs to be the first piece of gear you pack for MMA training, it’s a groin protector. For the ladies, it would be a chest protector, but we’ll dedicate an entire article just for those. For now, let’s see how gentlemen can protect their groin as much as possible while training for the ultimate combat sport. Today’s guide if about the best MMA groin protectors that you can get in 2021. Each of our suggestions is tried and tested, both in gym and professional competitive settings. As such, they do not just offer protection but also fulfill other key criteria when it comes to groin protection. Read on for detailed reviews. 

Whether it is striking, grappling, or both if you’re doing MMA you’ve held your groin with both arms while in agony at some point. it is inevitable, given the number of exchanges that make the sport what it is. However, the groin is an area that doesn’t just require safety. it requires more care and protection than any other body part. Moreover, the groin is in a position that’s very vulnerable, particularly during high-speed grappling exchanges. The trouble with most goring protectors is that they either offer comfort or protection, rarely both. At least rarely for a normal price. Luckily, there are groin protectors out there that are really worth your time and money. We put them together to form the ultimate guide for the best MMA groin protectors for both pros and amateur fighters.

Good Groin Protectors

It seems kind of obvious to state that the best groin protectors for MMA need to protect your groin while training, doesn’t it? However, groin protectors have a few more tasks. They must fit perfectly, they must not impede movement or cause discomfort, they need to be easy to wash and maintain, etc. Not many products can successfully claim they fulfill all of these criteria. Let’s see what you need to be looking for in a groin protector for MMA that does its job.

There are two basic types of groin protectors: those that go over your shorts, and those that go underneath. For the competition, grappling, or training in general, those that go underneath are by far the preferred option. Those that go over, might come in handy during striking training but are really uncomfortable to wear for grappling. In terms of design you can get them with a jockstrap, or in the form of compression tights. I tend to lean towards compression thighs because they are more practical. However, jockstraps tend to be better for use inside the cage on fight night.

Protection aside (they all offer it) groin protectors need to be comfortable more than anything. if they’re in the way of your striking, or even more importantly, your grappling, there’s no point in having one. As such, you need to consider your body type and intended use before you choose the best groin protector for you.

Size-wise, groin protectors are measured according to waist size. In fact, each brand has its own size charts that make choosing the correct one really easy. As a general rule of thumb, always go for a tight-fitting groin protector as opposed to a loose one. Jockstraps often offer the option to adjust to a desired level of comfort.

Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2021 – Reviews

Whether it is low blows, crushes, or hits during grappling, trauma to your groin area will shut your entire body down. Apart from all the associated pain, there are some real health hazards to consider. Of course, there’s the long-term worry of reproduction, but there’s also the short-term potential for serious injuries like ruptures and tears. None of the above are fun, so getting a groin protector is pretty much a given if you’re into training full-contact combat sports.

The best MMA groin protectors out there will make sure nothing like this happens. Every one of the protectors below was tested both by us and professional MMA fighters. The groin protector below were chosen according to all important criteria, and they excel in every possible way! We also aimed to offer as much variety as possible, with both jockstrap, compression thighs, and standalone cup options. Simply pick your favorite, consult the size chart, and keep training and competing without having to care about blows to your most sensitive area.

Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 Professional

Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2019 Lo Bloo Cup

First, up, the champion. The Lo Bloo Thai cup is arguably the best of the best MMA groin protectors ever! It is a simple, minimalist, ultra-strong cup that goes under your shorts. It is a jockstrap style protector that is designed for maximum mobility and comfort while offering premium-grade protection.
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You can acquire this MMA groin protector in full black color and a bunch of different sizes. Make sure you consult the size chart. That said, what you get is a groin protector designed by Swedish Olympians. Featuring a patented ergonomic design, this cup is made from polycarbonate. It offers extreme mobility, following your every move without restraining your thighs. The fitting system holds the protector in place preventing vibrations and slipping. The reason this one heads our best MMA groin protectors guide is that it is certified to withstand up to 4 tons of pressure! Ultra-soft lining means you won’t feel anything at all.  Extremely lightweight.

RDX MMA Groin Protector

Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2019 RDX 1

RDX is one of those brands that have literally everything you might need, MMA-wise. Usually, this means you have a lot of choices but none are extremely high quality. Well, RDX makes it a point to have everything and have it with high quality at the same time. Their pro-MMA groin protector is truly a solid choice to keep you safe!
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Style-wise, this MMA groin protector is also a jock-strap type of cup. However, it features a modern and much more advanced design than your regular jockstrap. First of all the waistband is pretty wide and elastic, allowing you to fit in tight. It works by way of an EZ loop system making it easily adjustable. The straps are also elastic but considerably thinner than the waistband, allowing a snug fit. The cup itself is a steel cup, engulfed in Maya hide. This makes it perfect for wearing underneath your shorts. It is somewhat bulkier than the previous one, but also softer. Offers incredible shock absorption and complete protection. There’s also an option to remove the cup, which I doubt you’ll use. Comes in black, and sizes small-extra large.

Mueller FlexShield

Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2019 Mueller

As far as minimalism goes, groin protectors don’t get any simpler than this one. Muller’s FlexShield is for people who care about protection and comfort during performance. As such, the design is incredible, at least in terms of key groin protector characteristics. When it comes to aesthetics, it is plain, if we’re being honest.
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So far, I haven’t heard of anyone buying an MMA groin protector for the look of it. After all, it’s the protective qualities we’re after, particularly with protectors that go underneath the shorts. The Muller FlesSHield comes in white color, and in a jockstrap system. The cup is removable, and polycarbonate. It is specially designed to provide extreme comfort and shock absorption at the same time. Rubber edges ensure bot has a tight fit and no discomfort during impact. There’s a built-in ventilation system and the fabric has moisture-wicking properties.  Comes in sizes S-XL and has the best price in our best MMA groin protectors guide.

Shock Doctor Compression Shorts With Groin Protector

Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2019 SHock Doctor Compressio nthighs

Opposite brands that tend to have a wide array of MMA gear, Shock Doctor are specialists. Their forte is protective gear, featuring anything from mouthguards to groin protectors. Their contribution to our best MMA groin protectors guide comes in the form of compression thighs with an embedded cup.
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Shock Doctor’s Groin Protector Compression Shorts are made of synthetic material. They come in a black and white version, and the cup is fully removable. It fits into an X-pocket cup retention system that ensures a snug fit. It also places the cup in a very natural position. Wearing thighs ensures maximum mobility and comfort, while also helping with moisture. They’re perfect to wear undershorts or a Gi. A four-way stretch fabric also guarantees a complete range of motion without restrictions. This groin protector comes in more than a dozen sizes, including adult and boys. Everything from XXS – XXL is available.

RDX Jock Strap Abdo Protector

Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2019 RDX 2

Another RDX entry here, simply because they’re that good! it is not that we couldn’t choose between the previous one and this one. On the contrary, we just wanted to offer a variety, and RDX provided. The Jockstrap Abdo groin protector is the only product in our best MMA protectors guide that goes on top of your shorts.
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The only limitation of this protector is that you can’t wear it in competition. Furthermore, it may be uncomfortable to wear for grappling too. In terms of protection for sparring, you won’t find a better and more comfortable cup to wear. The fact that it goes over the shorts means you won’t get any marks regardless of the strength of impact. Once again it is Maya Hide that ensures durability and comfort. There’s Supremo Foam technology ensures that impact absorption is dissipated all over. It provides protection for not just the groin area, but also the abdomen and kidneys. There’s a cup compartment that allows you to use additional cups if you so desire. Available in black and red, and sizes small to extra large.

Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector

Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2019 Diamond Cup Compression thighs

Another option for groin protector fitted compression thighs. This particular groin protector is the first choice of plenty of world champion fighters. This one is actually both, given that it has a jockstrap system for the cup that fits inside the compression thighs. Perfect for every occasion!
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The thighs are made from military-grade elastic and premium spandex. There’s a four strap system designed especially to help hold a cup that fits in a tailored pocket. This guarantees no movement of the cup in any direction, vertical or horizontal. There’s also a drawstring to ensure maximal adjustment. A co-molded elastomer design with a polycarbonate core makes this cup one of the very best MMA groin protectors ever put together. Protection extends to the muscles and nerves in the groin area as well. Approved by doctors and urologists, available in black and ranging from small to XXL in both adult and boys sizes.

Shock Doctor Ultra Pro Supporter

Best MMA Groin Protectors For 2019 Shock Doctor Jockstrap

Rounding off our best MMA groin protectors list is another Shock Doctor product. This time, for variety’s sake, it is a jockstrap type of protector. Once again, Shock Doctor offers a high-quality product that’s hard to beat by any rivals. Moreover, the price for such a premium grade cup is unbelievable! If it means anything, this one is my personal preferred choice.
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This advanced MMA groin protector offers ultra shock absorption, thanks to an Ultra Carbon Flex Cup. What this product brings to the table is multi-staged impact protection. The groin protector works by transferring shock away from vital areas, not causing the slightest discomfort along the way. Comfort is guaranteed by orbital gel pads and a patented flex curve design. The X-fit system provides an exterior supporter to further increase shock absorption. Four-way stretch material on the straps and waistband offers a great fit and perfect adjustments. A Vented front panel, moisture-wicking properties, and lining that provides odor retention. Available in black, S to XXL.

Competition Rules Regarding Groin Protectors

Finally, a word or two on competition rules. First of all, make sure you always wear a cup when fighting. If it is MMA, then there’s absolutely no exception to the rule. A misplaced shot to the groin can cost you your fight, cause an injury, and have long term effects.

That said, you need to be aware of competition rules in sense of which types of groin protectors are allowed. For starters, protectors that go over the shorts are a no-go under virtually all sports commissions. Furthermore, compression thighs might also be incompatible. Wearing them under your shorts might not be an option due to endorsement issues. As such, jockstrap cups that are not visible are the best option to consider when fighting MMA.

For all you fighters out there that also like to grapple, cups tend to be a controversial subject in that community. Some organizations, like the IBJJF, completely ban the use of any type of groin protector in competition. You can wear them in training and certain grappling tournaments, but be careful because they can place pressure on your opponent’s spine or other areas.

In Summary

There’s absolutely no reason not to wear a cup if you train contact martial arts. Above you’ll find different types of groin protectors that you can use under any conditions in MMA. Moreover, they are all a part of the elite, hence they’re the very best MMA groin protectors you can get in 2021. Go for what fits your need the most and remember to always check the size charts before ordering. Stay safe!

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best-mma-groin-protectorsIf there's one thing that needs to be the first piece of gear you pack for MMA training, it's a groin protector. For the ladies, it would be a chest protector, but we'll dedicate an entire article just for those. For now, let's see...