Backstage Fight Between Gabi Garcia and Shinobu Kandori

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Everything about the fight between Gabi Garcia and Shinobu is getting even worse.
A bit before this fight Gabi Garcia was 12 kg over the limit what made Shinobu Kandori go crazy at the weigh ins. She started screaming saying “this is a disgrace”. It came to a point where Rizin’s director Nobuyuki Sakakibara said “Competition-wise, we cannot make this happen”. You can check everything about the weigh ins HERE.

Gabi Garcia 12 kg Over Limit on Weigh Ins – Kandori started Yelling “This is Disgrace”

There is still no news about this fight being canceled so it is to be expected that Gabi Garcia will fight Shinobu Kandori tomorrow on RIZIN FF 8 in Saitama Arena in Tokyo.

Cris Cyborg posted a video of Gabi Garcia and 52-year-old Shinobu Kandori getting into a verbal altercation in the locker room. As we can see Gabi Garcia entered in Kandori’s locker room trying to do something that only she knows what.

Screenshot 41 1 - Backstage Fight Between Gabi Garcia and Shinobu Kandori

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