Gabi Garcia in Tears Apologizes For a Canceled Fight, I’m normal Girl

The fight between Gabi Garcia and Shinobu Kandori was canceled due to Gabi Garcia’s weight miss. Gabi Garcia (4:0) weighted 12 kg (28 lbs) over the weight limit and that was enough for RIZIN officials to cancel the fight.

After the “circus” that happened with Shinobu Kandori yelling at the weigh ins and Gabi Garcia’s attacking of Shinobu in her locker room Gabi was forced to step in the ring inside Saitama Super Arena in Japan. She was forced to apologize for her overweight.

Only a few moments before Gabi Garcia started speaking she became very emotinal. She fought back the tears explaining what was wrong with her weight. She shaid that she had medical problems, high blood pressure, nose bleeding etc.

Gabi Garcia said:

“This is the first time this happened in my life. The weeks before the fight. On my first training here i had blood pressure problems and my nose was bleeding and that’s the reason I can’t but weight. I have many problems. I respect my opponent. She’s a legend here and I’m so sad. I cry a lot because this is the first time I didn’t enter arena. I entered through the back.”

After Garcia speech Gabi and kandori shooked hands. Kandori spoke how dissapointed she is with the situation. Garcia apologized one more time promising to come back and fix everything up.

“Thank you Japan I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. Looking for next year, i’ll be back more strong. Everybody pass through problems in their life. I’m normal human, I respect you guys and I love fighting here. I’m so sorry Japan. This is my fault and I love you guys”

Backstage Fight Between Gabi Garcia and Shinobu Kandori

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