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Mendes Bros Super Camp 2019 - Why You need To sign up!
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This September promises to be a real crazy month when it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! First up, we have the bi-annual ADCC, which, as always, promises fireworks! However, this year, this might not turn out to be September’s greatest BJJ event. Instead, there’s something happening in Singapore just a week prior to the ADCC that’ll have everyone that’s not competing flocking towards Singapore. Well, at least everyone that reserves their spot on time, and there aren’t many left! The event in question is a first-of-its-kind Mendes Bros Super Camp, scheduled to last 5 days! 

What happens at a 5 day Mendes Bros Super Camp? Well, nobody can answer that question since one of these events has never taken place before! Kudos to EVOLVE MMA for managing to organize such a high-level BJJ event! That said, the seminar is open to everyone, as long as you register early enough. The posts are limited to the capacity of the EVOLVE training center, which is far from small. However, the fact that the brothers have 10 world title among them is also a huge draw, so make sure you book your place soon because they’re running out fast!

Mendes Bros Super Camp – The Dream BJJ Training Camp

Mendes Bros Super Camp 2019 in SIngapore posterAs far as I’m concerned, I know what I’d rather be doing this September. While watching the  ADCC is, of course, a must, it seems it’ll be a cherry on the cake if I can make the time to get to the inaugural Mendes Bros Super Camp. The reason I say inaugural is that I believe this is not going to be just a one-off thing. Whether someone will have the option to put one together like EVOLVE is not very reliable. However, the Singapore based MMA giant might just decide to make this an annual thing, and that’s something I certainly look forward to!

Training with world champions is always a welcome experience if you’re a grappler. That said, training with two of them at the same time is a whole different kind of experience. Not to mention that this is the Mende brothers we’re talking about. They’re arguably the most likable and well-known pair of BJJ brothers in the history of the sport. They’re also known as key innovators in the game, particularly in positions like the De La Riva, 50/50 guard and Leg Drag Pass. That said, the Atos competitors are still very much in tune with modern-day BJJ. That means they have an answer to just about every question you have to ask them. And, with five days of double training sessions, you’ll most certainly have the time to ask!


If there’s one thing you can learn from the Mendes Bros Super Camp, that is a versatile and complete game. Now, you won’t be able to emulate the Mendes brothers’ game in just five days but you’ll be able to learn a lot. After all, those two have the most well-rounded BJJ games in the history of the sport. Despite people thinking they only know how to roll around on their back,s the Mendes brothers are also immensely good pressure passers. Whether the use the leg drag or the stack pass (Gui’s favorite) they feel like a two option truck on top of you.

Moreover, the brothers are real wizards from the ack as well. This is understandable as every action they take, whether it is the Berimbolo or leg drag, leads right to back control. In short, they will teach you a game that works against every opponent. no matter their size or experience.

The Latest BJJ Guards

Of course, you can expect real masterclasses when it comes to the Mendes brothers’ strengths. Their most famous moves are by far the Berimbolo and 50/50 guard. To that extent, only they know what’s new in the Berimbolo department nowadays. In the 50/50 guard territory, though, they seem to be including the treatment of leg locks now as well. This gives a whole new dimension to their game and will improve yours by miles. Moreover, they are both members of Atos, the team that innovates the most in the guards’ department. When it comes to guards that work, particularly with the Gi, nobody is better than Atos. You can expect it’s most valued competitors to bring lots of innovation in this Mendes Bros Super Camp!

Two Of The Greatest Grapplers Ever

Mendes Bros Super CampThere’s no doubt that both Rafa and Gui are among the best grapplers in the history of Jiu-Jitsu. Although a year younger than Gui, Rafa is the one that got his black belt first. In fact, the is currently the holder of 6 world titles as well, two more than his older brother. Gui, on the other hand, who got his black belt in 2015 is the first Atos team member to win gold at an IBJJF Worlds tournaments. Apart from Gi Jiu-Jitsu accolades, Rafa also has a couple of ADCC title to boast. All in all, they’re a couple of black belts we’d all like to learn from. At the Mendes Bros Super Camp, we will get that option with more than 20 hours of classes scheduled to take place.

Unique Teaching Style

The reason why the Mendes brothers are so sought after is not just their rich competitive legacy. They’re also amazing teachers of the art. In fact, they have a great system that no other grapplers seem to employ. They compete under the Atos banner but teach under the Art Of Jiu-Jitsu one. AOJ is the Mendes brothers’ own academy and one which produces top-level competitors on a regular basis. As such, they’re amazing at conveying all the knowledge and BJJ innovation to others really efficiently. That means spending four hours a day with them for five days is going to provide you with a wealth of grappling information!

Camp Details

The Mendes Bros Super Camp is set to take place in September, between the 16th and 20th. The venue is set to be EVOLVE Far East Square. Understandably, the organizers are EVOLVE MMA and the even it set to take place in their home base of Singapore.

Signing up for the event guarantees you five days of training with the Mendes bros in sessions between 9 and 11 am and 2 and 4 pm. Furthermore, you get a complementary rash guard, access to the EVOLVE vacation coaches and an organized trip Marina Bay Sands Skypark. Plus, you get on month free access to the entire Art Of Jiu-Jitsu Online database! As far as accommodation goes you’re free to find your own, but EVOLVE offer special prices if you choose one of their partners! Oh and the event takes place at the same time as the Formula 1 Grand Prix week, there’s no better time to be in Singapore than this September at the Mendes Bros Super Camp!

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