Wing Chun Kung Fu vs Karate ends in Vicious KO

Wing Chun Kung Fu vs Karate ends in Vicious KO
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Wing Chun is one of the martial arts that is always trying to prove their style against other styles. Exactly something that Gracies were doing in the mid-1900s that’s what Wing Chun folk is trying right now. You can’t see a lot of fights where Wing Chun guys lost a fight.

But how effective is Wing Chun actually?  Can you see some skills here that are unbeatable by MMA fighters, BJJ fighters, or any real fighting martial artists?

Interesting to see is the comment of a guy on this video where he’s free to say that he doesn’t understand people who train Muay Thai, MMA, or Kickboxing:

“I would like to request a sparring session with the Wing Chun man if he is interested. Many people wonder why I haven’t gone into competitive fighting. I am 6’2 240 lbs and have training in karate, kickboxing, sambo, and currently wing Chun. Wing Chun is a very powerful art. My defense is incredibly hard to get past and my attacks are powerful and unpredictable. I seriously don’t know why UFC fighters don’t use my techniques. They are superior to karate and kickboxing which is very off balance and predictable. I and other men have tested this and I have shown them some of my techniques. They agree it is much better to stay on the center line and focus and defense, yet it’s hard for them to change the way they trained for years. You attack as I do. You create openings with your defense and unpredictability. I haven’t seen anyone do what you have done as I do. I have added on a few basic other movements and attacks to make it more complete for me. Please, I would take the time to travel and spar with you, and possibly discuss strategy and attacks. I am not worried about it turning out to be my disgrace. I do not care for competitive fighting and see it as a waste of time, dignity, pride, health, mind, and spirit, however, I do respect private sparring to challenge other respected martial artists. If you are able to see this comment, I will await your reply thank you.”

You can also check a Wing Chun practitioner fighting against BJJ Purple Belt

Wing Chun Kung Fu vs BJJ Purple Belt – Real Fight

Also, check BJJ Gym vs Muay Thai gym

Muay Thai School Challenged BJJ School to a Gym vs Gym fight

Check guy training Kung Fu for 10 years against a guy training BJJ for 10 years:

10 years of Kung Fu vs 10 years of BJJ in Renzo’s Gym


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