Solo BJJ training: A No Equipment Hotel Room Workout

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Training BJJ does bring about many different challenges. Inside the academy, you will spend a lifetime solving most of them. Actually, for most, the solution often proves to be a moving target. However, there’s one issue that you can easily solve. Moreover, it is an issue that often causes problems for people that are addicted to the Gentle Art. How do you go about solo BJJ training? If you have access to mat space this might not be such a problem. You can always do solo drills like shrimps, falls and penetration steps. But what happens when you only have a tiny space to workout in, no equipment, and no BJJ for miles? Since not training is not an option, our hotel room workout for grapplers is the only solution!

Striking arts really do have it all on a platter. If you’re a kickboxer and are stuck somewhere with no equipement you can simply start shadowboxing and you can get in a hell of a workout. Yet, if you are a grappler, you can’t really shadow grapple. Thre’s no way to actually train Brazilian Jiu-Jitu without a partner. However, there’s a way to train for BJJ when you’re on your own. In fact, you have som any Solo BJJ training options, you could go for a different one on different days and never get bored. Just like in rolling and competition, it only takes a bit of creativity and a willingness to think outside the box. Or, in our case, inside the confines of a hotel room.

How to Train BJJ Everywhere?

Thre’s a rally simple solution to all your BJJ traveling woes. Whenever you’re on the road, the simplest thing to do is do your research. Are there any BJJ academies near your location? Moreover, if there are a few, which one is the best? Check out reviews, ask people for experience and make sure you contact the gym. IN fact, we have an entire guide on what to do when you’re visiting a BJJ academy.

That said,  there are certain situations when Jiu-Jitsu is simply not an option. Despite the growth of the sport, certain areas of the world still do not offer any Jiu-JItsu training. While going for a Sambo, Judo or wrestling class might sound attractive, you should really reconsider this. After all, getting injured doing something you don’t really understand while on vacation or a business trip is not something you’re after. Instead, you can opt for Solo BJJ training.

BJJ Solo TrainingThe one thing most people usually do is panic. What do I do now that there’s no BJJ gym? Oh well, I’ll hit the bar. First and foremost, remember that we said you need to think outside the box? That means looking into different manners and methods of training. One example is actually learning BJJ theory. Yeah, there is such a thing, and we’re all doing it on a regular basis. Nowadays, BJJ instructionals are plentiful and easily reachable. That means you can spend your time going over instructionals and solving key puzzles for your game.

Another version of turning to BJJ theory are books. Whether you go for e-books, audiobooks or the good old hard copy, you’ll definitely learn a lot. Moreover, unlike instructional, with books you get variety. Even better, try going through our article database for the vastest collection of information on everything BJJ!

Solo BJJ Тraining Тips

On the other hand, if you’re really set on training, you can always opt to do some actual physical exercise. While most hotels have their gyms, they’re usually a petty collection of a few cable machines and a couple of dumbbells. Not really helpful, unless you decide to do sprints on a treadmill. Speaking of treadmills, one option you have of practicing while on the road is focusing on your grappling conditioning. Don’t just do generic workouts, though. Instead, make sure you follow a grappling-specific strength and conditioning program. Moreover, look into bodyweight workouts for grapplers.

When it comes to Solo BJJ training from a technical standpoint, the best thing you can do is a drill. Since most drills require a partner, you’ll need o turn to the fundamentals. There’s no way you can overdo drills. So, whenever you get the opportunity, go for osm Jiu-Jitsu drills. While breakfalls and takedown training are not really an option, their ar meany other things to do. Sprawls, bridging, shrimping in place, Granby rolls, technical stand-ups, the list goes on. All you need to do is either focus on perfecting one or organize multiple ina circuit style to get a conditioning component out if it as well.

Finally, you can opt to focus your Solo BJJ training on mobility and range of motion. Yoga is always easy to do, no matter where you are. Apart from Yoga, you have a bunch of different mobility routines you can o. Okay, the preferred one is Ginastica Natural, but that one requires lots of space. However, you can do targeted mobility, like work on your hips, or try to mend an injured body part.

The No-Equipment Hotel Workout For Grapplers

The idea behind this hotel room workout for Solo BJJ training is that you blend everything we talked about together. This means you train for ultimate athleticism, while also focusing on techniques and mobility. Pack a couple of the latest DVDs with you and you’ll cover all your Solo BJJ training on the road bases.

IN terms of organization of the workout, for grapplers, nothing works like circuit training. First of all, you get to add intensity to your training. Next, you really cut down on the time you’ll need to spend working out. Finally, it makes it fun and gives you options to switch or rotate exercise in order to avoid boredom.

The Density Training Hotel Room Workout

With this workout, you’ll actually repeat the same amount of reps for each exercise in the circuit until time runs down. To begin with, try 10 minutes, although the ideal is 20 per block. The workout contains two blocks with each featuring a BJJ specific drill, a strength/conditioning exercise, and a mobility sequence.


Burpees x 5 reps

Bridge & Shrimp To Turtle x 5 reps

Deep Lunge With Реeach x 5 reps (5 on each side, 1 rep = 5-second hold)


Hollow Body Hold or L-sit (depending on your level) x 5 reps (1 rep = 5-second hold)

Sit outs x 5 (5 on each side)

Thoracic Mobility Drill x 5 reps

Tom DeBlass has an entire DVD set out on the subject of Solo BJJ Training. His  “Solo And Partner BJJ Drills” instructional is going to teach you how to drill BJJ like a world champion. It is the perfect opportunity to provide you with new ideas to add to our Hotel Room Workout too!

Closing Thoughts

Whatever you choose to do, staying active in a BJJ sense while stuck at a place with no actual Jiu-Jitsu will keep you sane. Moreover, you’ll stay in shape and might even solve a problem or two with your game. Remember that the exercises in our workout above are not set in stone and you can change them to fit your needs/capabilities. Just make sure that your Solo BJJ training routine follows the main template outlined above.

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