Learning Valuable Lessons From A Bad Jiu-Jitsu Day?

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we often encounter a very interesting phenomenon. Namely, you could be flowing during roll one day, and then completely suck the day after. From moving like a black belt world champion to having nothing work like it’s your second time rolling. What gives? The more surprising thing is that this tends to happen over and over again, at every belt level. And, there’s no real way of knowing when it is going to happen. A bad Jiu-Jitsu day is something we all go through. That, however, doesn’t make it easier. The very next session might turn out to be your best. But only if you do not allow the bad day to impact you. The truth is you need to really appreciate those bad JIu-Jitsu days. It is the days when everything goes opposite to your plans that are going to turn … Continue reading Learning Valuable Lessons From A Bad Jiu-Jitsu Day?