The Ultimate 6 Ingredient Post-Workout Shake For BJJ

Post Workout Shake For BJJ
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There’s a ritual to combat sports these, days, and in particular, grappling martial arts. BJJ has such a high demand on our bodies that it requires the correct fuel to keep us going. So it is a common sight to see grapplers reach for a post workout shake before they even leave the academy. A post workout shake is a good idea in general, as long as you know what it should contain. Let’s deconstruct the perfect post workout shake for grapplers.  

There are plenty of reasons why people go for a post workout shake after rolling. First and foremost it helps replenish liquids. Furthermore, it can help with a weight cut, maintenance or even weight gain. For some, it is all about recovery, while for others it is about replacing a meal during a hectic schedule. Whatever the reason, the post-workout shake is part of a ritual that most people training BJJ adhere to.  

Furthermore, there are also plenty of ways to make a post workout shake. Actually there are countless ways. Depending on your preferences diet and taste-wise, your shakes can vary greatly. From high protein and high carb shakes all the way to all natural passion fruit shakes, you’ll find all kinds of them in the bags of BJJ practitioners. Which one is the best? That is mainly down to personal preferences and goals, but there is a rule of thumb to follow here.  

Why You Need A Post Workout Shake  

There are many purposes for drinking a post workout shake, but three, in general, are the norm. The first is due to the care carbohydrates content that helps restock your glycogen stores. Next, an easily digestible protein makes sure that you rebuild all the muscle fibers damaged in training. Finally, branched-chain amino promotes the faster recovery of those same muscle fibers.   

Throwing in a well-balanced post workout shake after rolling ensures you get the maximum benefit of all its ingredients. The fast digesting protein in your post workout shake ensures that you have a maximal absorption of much-needed amino acids. The need for these building blocks of the muscles is huge after a hard rolling session. Delivering the required amount allows muscles to heal and recover much faster. Regardless of your goals, this is a positive effect on your body.  

Why is post workout the best time to consume a shake? Isn’t it more logical to drink it prior to training so that it helps you during maximal exertion? The main reason why the post-workout period is optimal for ingestion of crucial nutrients is training itself. Training is a stressor on the body, causing very specific reactions. During the stress of training itself, especially when grappling the body has plenty of other worries. One would be to get through the experience unharmed. Only after all external stimuli of rolling are gone can the body focus on recovering. This is when the insulin spikes and the body’s rebuilding mechanisms kick in. This is also the time when you need to provide your body with the adequate fuel.  

Top Ingredients For Your Post BJJ Shake  

A good diet paired with the perfect post workout shake is a perfect combination to help you reach your desired weight class with ease. Not only is it going to help you strip fat off, but it’ll help you retain, or even add some muscle.  

Post Workout Shake For BJJLet’s start with what most people perceive as the main ingredient of a post workout shake – protein. There are countless protein sources out there, all containing one or more of several types of protein supplements. Not all of these supplements are ideal for your post-workout shake though. There are many variations in protein supplements, including vegan and gluten-free varieties. However, most common protein supplements are derivatives of dairy in one form or another. Out of those, whey protein I by far the most famous one. There’ a good reason for it, since it is easily and rapidly absorbed in our bodies. Out of all the whey protein variations, going for an isolate is always a good choice.  

The trouble with vegan-based proteins is the lack of some essential amino acids, most notably leucine.  They can still be useful but not the extent diary-based protein is.   

In terms of carbs, digestibility is number one. To that extent, nothing beats high-glycemic fruits and/or honey. Bananas are usually the fruit of choice although you could also go with some of the other sweet fruits like melons or grapes.  

To wrap things up from a macronutrient perspective are fats. Good fats are essential for many aspects of post-workout recovery. They aid in digestibility and help the absorption of other nutrients. Peanut butter is a particularly good choice as it is a favorite of most people out there.  

The 6 Ingredient Post Workout Shake  

So, let’s get straight down to business. What should you use in your post workout shake to make sure you recover from BJJ? Well, first of all, go for the ingredients you actually like. If you do not particularly enjoy something in our suggestions, replace it with a nutritionally similar product. However, do not go replacing a banana with milk though as you’ll lose the balance of the shake. If you change things up, make sure you do like-for-like swaps.  

This shake of ours is quite universal in taste. More importantly, it provides all the benefits we discussed above. It is also made up of ingredients that are easy to find and are not expensive.  Furthermore, you could use it as a meal replacement, post workout shake or even breakfast.  

  1. Base: Use apple juice to both get an intense flavor and good hydration.  In addition, you also get a carbohydrate boost. If you’re not a big fan of it you can go with milk, or just with plain water.  
  2. Protein Source: Whey protein isolate of any brand out there is a perfect fit. Choose the flavor you enjoy the most, but also one that’s going to fit in with the rest of the ingredients. Also, do not add more than one scoop as there’s no nutritional benefits to it. One scoop is plenty and it is a much as the body can absorb anyway.  
  3. Fats The best bet is going for unsalted, natural peanut butter. A spoonful or two is plenty. If you like more of an Omega-3 fatty acid kick, go for flax oil instead.  
  4. Post Workout Shake For BJJCarbohydrates: As mentioned, choose a high-glycemic fruit. Nothing beats the banana here as it packs a lot of  potassium as an added bonus. Expert tip: freeze the banana and you’’ll get an ice cream-like shake.  
  5. Antioxidants: A handful or two of berries. Cherry and blueberry are universally enjoyed flavors but go for whatever you like most. The antioxidants are going to boost the already powerful recovery effects of your post workout shake.  
  6. The Final Touch: Add some Spirulina. It is stacked with insane amounts of iron, calcium, vitamins A, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-9, B-12, C, D, E, potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, protein and chlorophyll. Plus you’ll sneak some more protein into your shake.


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