Mayweather and Paul in one of the longest staredowns, Floyd doesn’t worry about his biggest ‘Flaw’

Floyd Wayweather Paul Logan staredown
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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and YouTube sensation Logan Paul did a long and intense staredown announcing their clash at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

The exhibition match according to special rules will be held on the night from Sunday to Monday, and both participants of this meeting announced in a few sentences a fight that attracted a lot of attention, both from those who can hardly wait for it and from those who criticize it.

“It will be fun. There is a difference between a YouTube fighter and an elite fighter. I have nothing to worry about, I am a fighter, and someone who has worked as a professional for 25 years. I fought the best, saw every style, and always won,”

“So why don’t I fight Logan Paul then? He’s a huge YouTube star. He has a huge number of followers and he managed to achieve that even before I knew about YouTube. I’m a big name in boxing, and when you connect our worlds, then you know something crazy is going to happen. I’m glad he has confidence and believes in himself. But when I think back a little better, all 50 fighters I’ve faced have said the same thing.” Mayweather said.

Mayweather for this match at the weigh-in must not weigh more than 72.6, while Paul is allowed to appear with as much as 86.2 pounds. But that difference doesn’t bother Floyd at all.

“In most of my fights, I weigh about 10 pounds less. I don’t bother with that because you win in fights – by fighting.”

How come he accepted this match?

“I retired from boxing, but not from fun and making money,” Mayweather concluded.

On the other hand, Logan Paul will have the opportunity to stage one of the biggest sensations in the history of the sport.

“I think I have to knock him out. Yes, someone will end up knocked out, someone will give up. I didn’t choose boxing, boxing chose me. I was challenged to box and I decided to accept that. Boxing is easier for the body than MMA. “MMA is a tough sport and my knees are in bad shape. I’m getting old but I still have a strong upper body,” Paul said.

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