Buffalo BJJ Instructor Charles Anzalone Under Fire for Refusing To Teach Police Officers

Buffalo BJJ Instructor Charles Anzalone Refuses To Teach Police Officers
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There’s plenty of videos and evidence of how effective Brazilian Jitsu-Jitsu is for police officers. There’s a lot of evidence that suggests that officers need it as it can simply save their lives and do their job more effectively.

According to one of the BJJ Instructors, Police Officers are not really interested in training and he refuses to train them.

Charles Anzalone posted on Buffalo BJJ Instagram profile a post where he’s saying that police officers are no longer welcome at his academy.

“Buffalo BJJ does not offer a law enforcement discount. In fact, we no longer accept law enforcement officers as students. It’s not a big deal. They were never really interested in training anyway.”

“I know there are some very good law enforcement officers out there but I’m no longer willing to shift through all of the assholes to find the good ones. Flame Away” – Wrote Charles Anzalone

Charles Anzalone Instagram Post

Anzalone and Buffalo BJJ were roasted in the comments by BJJ practitioners and especially by Law Enforcement Officer students themselves.

There were around 4 likes and hundreds of comments against Jiu-Jitsu coach Charles Anzalone.

Then, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu stepped in and wrote a comment:

“What’s up guys, just saw all this madness right now. As you guys have probably seen I know Anzalone for a while and come to his school frequently. I don’t agree or relate with that kind of post, attitude, or mentality. BTW he’s already taking down the posts. He got caught in the heat of the moment and messed up.”

Cyborg With Charles Anzalone

“Chuck is not a bad person at all, but everyone has their own life and choices. I hope everyone is well and doing great.” – wrote Cyborg in the comments section of Charles Anzalone’s post

Cyborg Reacts on Anzalone Post

Maybe cyborg’s right. Maybe the guy is a good guy but caught in a bad day.

It’s not like everyone has to like the police. But the main thing is, as a business owner, to remain professional. That’s what a lot of people comment on the post.

What’s your opinion on this?

Charles Anzalone is completely wrong or it’s his free will to let them train or not?

More about Charles Anzalone:

On May 3, 1991. Anzalone was found guilty of attempted espionage. He was also convicted of adultery with the wife of another marine stationed in the Persian Gulf, and of possession and use of marijuana. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Charles Anzalone guilty

This was after an undercover operation revealed he was attempting to sell secrets to Russian agents.

The prosecution argued that Anzalone was trying to sell Russian secrets to the Russian government in exchange for millions of dollars. The defense argued that he was simply a dumb man who was misled by undercover agents.

Anzalone was found guilty on all counts.

Charles Anzalone Found Guilty

Anzalone openly posts about it and it is confirmed to be him.

Here are some Facebook posts on Charles Anzalone’s Facebook page that may seem pretty unprofessional to many people.

Charles Anzalone Facebook Comments 1
Charles Anzalone Facebook Comments 2
Charles Anzalone Facebook Comments 3
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