How to use Jiu Jitsu against groin attacks!

A guy calling himself “Master” made the statements “I mean, I thought that Gracie Jiu-Jitsu was first of all supposed to be about self defence in a real fight, or at least that is how it is promoted. Then why on earth is the ridiculous ‘guard’ position emphasised? All the other guy on top has to do is reach down and grab your testicles, which you have left fully exposed by spreading your legs wide open.

If you end up on your back in a self defence situation, try to get up, kick the guy off you, kick his hips, scramble, but whatever you do DO NOT take up the completely unrealistic Gracie guard position and spread your legs exposing your most vulnerable region. It might work in sport fights with a groin guard, but in a real fight it is totally foolish.

Seriously, I am curious anyone who trains BJJ and has done it for at least some understanding of its use for self defence, what exactly is the BJJ view supposed to be, about the fact that anyone even without training can simply reach down and grab your testicles if you let them into a ‘guard’ posture?

It is simply one of the most unrealistic and foolish positions to take up that has ever been advocated for a self defence situation. ” I showed Draculino what he said and we talked about it because it is a common misconception. A lot of people who don’t actually train think silly things like biting and eye gouges cause BJJ to be ineffective, but it is not was Draculino’s response to these claims.

Draculino: “People try to grab the balls, but you know what, smart people don’t try to do that because it’s stupid.”

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