Best Judo Gi For 2019 – Complete Guide With Reviews

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Thinking about adding a few Judo sessions to your BJJ training schedules? Good idea by all means, as there’s hardly a grappling martial art that complements Gi Jiu-Jitsu more than Judo. That said, remember that Judo is an art in itself, not just something complementary to BJJ. As such, there are certain principles and traditions you need to uphold. For example,  you’ll get a far better experience if you’re wearing an authentic Judo Gi, rather than a BJJ one. You see, Judo Gis are quite different in cut and design than Jiu-Jitsu ones, due to the need of the art. If you’re truly looking to learn Judo and develop those crazy Judoka grips then you need to spar with a Judo Gi on. We bring you the best Judo Gi guide for 2019, along with reviews of some of the top kimonos on offer.

As the quintessential martial arts uniform, the Gi plays a very important role with traditional martial arts. Judo is definitely among those traditional martial arts that value their training uniforms a lot. The moment you first engage with a Judoka in sparring, you’ll know exactly how important the Gi is. Judo uses strategic (and really tough) grip fighting to ensure the best leverage for throwing people to the ground. The Gi is the ultimate anchor point for the Judo game, which makes having a good one mandatory. You can’t just wear any Gi to Judo class, as it’ll soon get destroyed, due to the constant pull and push. Any of the kimonos in our Best Judo guide, though, will more than do the trick whenever you need to test your Judo skills. Moreover, they’ll prove to be a real handful for opponents, literally.

The Best Judo Gi Guide

So, let’s start at the beginning. The Judo Gi is a modification of the ancient samurai garments, usually worn under the armor. As warfare turned to art, there was no place for the armor in training. That’s when the Gi came to the forefront. Judo’s founder Dr. Jigoro Kano made some crucial adjustments to it, bringing about the precursor to the modern Judo uniform. As such, the modern Gi cut and style is all about functionality within the boundaries of Judo.

A key thing with every grappling martial arts Gi is, of course, material. Wearing a Gi In Judo and BJ Jis far more than just ceremonial. The Gi is used to tug, pull, twist, push etc, your opponent in various directions, before sending them flying. This means the material has to be able to withstand such exchanges on a regular basis. The fabric has to be thick and heavy, featuring specialized weaves. A Judo Gi is usually made of cotton, with at least a single, preferably double weave pattern.

In terms of style and cut, Kano’s original modifications still mark the Judo Gis today. The Gi consists of drawstring pants and a quilted jacket. The jacket has sleeves that are longer than other Gis, thus allowing for an intricate gripping game. The wais area is also tighter, in a more athletic cut fashion, but still loose enough to be effective.  The available colors are white, blue and black, with blue often being a scorned option, at least in some schools.

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The belts in Judo today feature a color system similar to that of Karate. Originally, there were only white and black belts to distinguish students. Most of the Kimonos in our best Judo Gi guide come with a complementary belt, although most often a white one.

The Best Judo Gi Reviews

The main governing body of Judo is the International Judo Federation or IJF. Similarly to the IBJJF and UAEJJF, it sets standards for anything, from unified tournament rules to Gi requirements. This was a major condition during the creation of the 2019 Best Judo Gi Guide. After all, what’s the point of getting a Gi that you can’t wear in competition? That said, we won’t go deep into the standards of Judo Gis now. What we will do is go straight into the kimonos that will bring you the best Judo training (and competition) experience in 2019. Our seven top candidates are as follows:

***Ronin Judo Gi***

Ronin Judo GiThe Ronin Judo Gi is where we’ll start our Best Judo gi guide today. This is exactly the high-quality Judo Gi that’ll serve you for a long long time. Of course, it is IJF approved, making it perfect for both training and competition. On top of everything else, it is more than reasonably priced! Read More...


images - Best Judo Gi For 2019 - Complete Guide With Reviews

***Mizuno Yusho II Gi***

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Mizuno Yusho II GiThe Mizuno Gi is a traditional white Judo Gi that is approved by the International Judo Federation. It is a brand new model that not only fits standards but features a modern and performance-oriented design. One of the Gis that professional and Olympic level Judokas often favor. Read More...


images - Best Judo Gi For 2019 - Complete Guide With Reviews

***Fuji Judo Uniform***

Fuji Judo UniformFuji is a mainstay in the Gi industry. They not only produce some of the best Gis, but they also have them virtually every martial art. With grappling arts, in particular, they have nothing but ultra high-quality Judo and BJJ Gis. The real caveat though is the price – for such a high-quality Gi, the Fuji comes more than reasonable, it actually comes cheap! Read More...


images - Best Judo Gi For 2019 - Complete Guide With Reviews

***Elite Sports Deluxe IJF Judo Gi***

Elite Sports Deluxe IJF Judo GiElite sports are fast climbing the scale of Gi manufacturers. They have great quality Kimonos for every occasion, be it Judo, BJJ or even Sambo. Their Deluxe Judo Gi is one of their best accomplishments so far. In fact, it is one of the most stylish Judo Gis out there. It certainly is affordable for anyone and is IJF and USJF approved. The perfect deal, if you ask me. Read More...


images - Best Judo Gi For 2019 - Complete Guide With Reviews

***Yamato Sakura Single Weave Judo Gi***

Yamato Sakura Single Weave Judo GiOne more 100% premium cotton Gi, this time coming in a single weave pattern. This means the Gi is ultra lightweight, at only 450 GSM. The Yamato Sakura is made from nothing but high-quality materials and is built to last. This is a great Gi to consider for complete beginners. Read More...


images - Best Judo Gi For 2019 - Complete Guide With Reviews

***Pro Force Gladiator Judo Gi***

Pro Force Gladiator Judo GiIf you’re really on a budget than the Pro Force Gladiator Gi is the one for you. It is by far the best priced best Judo Gi in 2019 without a doubt. Still, we did not consider anything but high-quality durable gis for our guide, so as cheap as this Gi is, that doesn’t come at the expense of quality. Read More...


images - Best Judo Gi For 2019 - Complete Guide With Reviews

***Adidas Judo Contest Gi***

Adidas Judo Contest GiA real classic here to wrap things up. The Adidas Gi, particularly in blue, is probably the definition of a Judo Gi. it is what many think of when we talk about Judo kimonos. It is also what most athletes choose to wear during competitions. the reasons behind such widespread use of the Adidas Judo gi are many. Read More...


images - Best Judo Gi For 2019 - Complete Guide With Reviews


Whether you’re looking into Judo Gis because you want to dedicate yourself to the art, or simply to cross train as a BJJ athlete, you’ll nee da good Judo Gi. that much is clear from the get-go. The option we offer in our best Judo Gi guide pretty much cover everything, You have reasonably priced and outright cheap Gis price-wise. Still, each and every one of them is ultra high quality and approved for competition. Moreover, there are options in terms of color, size as well as material and weight. All in all, everything you might need while choosing a Judo gi in 2019 is in here!