Hero Hoodie by Rener Gracie

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Rener Gracie launched a new company named Hero Hoodie. It’s a company that will convert every garment like Hoodie or jacket into a functional backpack.

Rener Gracie’s first invention is Hero Hoodie. It is using Rener’s patent called “QuickFlip technology” which will turn your hoodie into a backpack.

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Rener Gracie’s Hero Hoodie Backpack is Perfect For Any Outdoor Activity

The main reasons for this patent and Rener’s invention of Hero Hoodie are the fact that carrying your hoodie around once you’re not wearing it cause you a lot of problems. The most efficient ways till now were to carry your sweatshirt on your waist, over your shoulder or in your hand. All of those ways were problematic as the hoodie would be loose and would fall off when you move.

Rener Gracie was thinking a lot about it and came up with the best way to carry an unworn sweatshirt. He invented a patent and technology that really solve a lot of problems we all experience.

All you have to do is to flip your sweatshirt upside down. And in a few seconds the entire hoodie goes into it self creating a fully functional backpack.

Rener Gracie Hero Hoodie Backpack
Hero Hoodie on Eve Torres

For instance, if you’re engaging in any outdoor activity the Hero Hoodie is perfect for you. It solves your problems of carrying your sweatshirt once and for all. Either you’re skating, biking, climbing, running… the Hero Hoodie will be tight on your back.

The other impressive thing about Rener’s invention is that it contains extra space for your items. Besides that, you even have hidden pockets inside for your wallet, cellphone, jewelry or any other personal stuff.

Hero Hoodie Shirt Backpack
Hero Hoodie Shirt backpack on Rener Gracie

Rener Gracie Hero Hoodie Into a Backpack Video

In a video below Rener Gracie Shares his newest invention with random people on the streets near Venice Beach in California. As you can see, the reactions of people are great and a reason why you should really consider to buy Hero Hoodie for yourself HERE.

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The Hoodie Challenge – Venice Beach, CA

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Posted by Quikflip Apparel on Sunday, November 26, 2017

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