Hapkido Black Belt vs BJJ Blue Belt in a Grappling Match

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Hapkido is Korean martial art. It is a form of self-defense Martial Art that just like BJJ employs grappling techniques similar to those of other grappling martial arts. And it also employs kicks, punches, and other striking attacks.

Let’s say it’s something like Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Ju-Jitsu, traditional Ju-Jitsu or how you like to call it.

Ib this grappling match BJJ Blue belt pulled guard and tapped after 10 seconds on an ankle lock. It’s pretty weird to tap something like this. While it may hurt a bit, but in my opinion, it’s not something to tap. There so no control at all except that one on an ankle. But, better to tap than sorry 🙂

Without taking any credits for Hapkido guy’s victory I would like to ask you, would you tap on submission attempt like this?

You can also check out the grappling match with outsized BJJ Blue Belt vs Hapkido 6th Degree Black Belt:

Out sized BJJ Blue Belt vs Hapkido 6th degree Black Belt

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