Gordon Ryan Leaves Competitive Grappling Due To Health Issues

Gordon Ryan Leaves Competitive Grappling Due To Health Issues
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One of the most famous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors, and GOAT by many, Gordon Ryan, announced he’s leaving competitive grappling due to ongoing health issues with his stomach.

On his Instagram profile, he explained in detail what’s really going on with his health for the last 3 years calling it “the saddest post he ever made next to his father’s, “Big Gord”, death.

“As most of you know, I’ve been in an uphill battle for 3 years now. Staph Infection antibiotics messed up my stomach. I’m leaving the competition.”

“My stomach is at the point where I can’t train properly anymore. I always had the issue but now it’s getting even worse as time goes on.”

“I’m always so nauseous and that’s why I’m essentially useless in training.”

“I was always showing up at competitions, but I don’t believe it’s professional for me to have camps, and show up on competitions like this.”

I feel like it’s a big disservice for my team, my opponent, myself, and the sport to show up in less than 100% of what I am.”

Gordon Ryan in Hospital

Ryan’s competitive career is uncertain, but he definitely sees himself as a coach in the future.

“The future for myself as an athlete is uncertain, but my future as the coach is definite.”

Gordon canceled all his contracted fights until he feels 100% ready without ongoing health issues.

“I was supposed to compete once a month until October. I’ve pulled out of all of the competitions and I’m not making a comeback until my stomach is 100% better. If it ever will be.”

Gordon Ryan signed a contract with One Championship and he was supposed to fight Shinya Aoki on August, 27. Also, he agreed to fight with Cyborg and Luiz Panza this month, but it won’t happen and Ryan apologized for it.

“I want to make a professional apology to Flo Grappling, One Championship, and Yod Chantri, my business partners who have put a lot of time into me, as I have them.”

“Also, I want to apologize to Luiz Panza and Cyborg who I was supposed to compete against this month. They both signed contracts to compete against me. “

“Sorry, I had to pull out and I look forward to competing against both of you in the future.”

Gordon Ryan’s apology to his team, family, and his coach John Danaher

“I also want to issue a personal apology to my team, family, and specifically, John Danaher. Danaher is the most selfless person I’ve ever met.

“He has an almost infinite amount of physical disabilities. He sometimes can hardly get in and out of a car before and after training, and yet he is here 365 days a year giving us his undivided attention.”

John Danaher Gordon Ryan Leaving the competition

“Knowing he has been dealing with the things he has been for 30+ years on the mat and still showing up is all the inspiration you need to make it to class.”

“A big apology to @heysonnyy2, who has been an absolute angel day in and day out. While I lay on the couch, too nauseous to do anything or even have a conversation, she wakes up every day with a smile and asking how she can help.”

“I’ve been a miserable prick for 3 years straight and she’s put up with it every day 😂 the absolute best.”

Gordon Ryan and Nathalia Santoro heysonny

The last apology from Gordon Ryan goes to fans and the haters

You may love or hate Gordon Ryan, but his success and the way he fights can’t leave anyone indifferent. We can say with certainty that Gordon Ryan Jiu-Jitsu is a fighter with the most followers, and also haters who cannot deny his abilities to produce a great show and leave anyone breathless.

“And most of all, an apology to my fans. I know how much you all love to see me compete, but it’s just not something I can do at the moment.”

“I will continue searching for treatments, teaching you all, and doing everything I can to push the sport to new heights until I’m back if I am.”

“Love you all, even the haters who have, and will continue to make me tons of money.”

We’re sure both fans and haters will miss seeing him competing.

Check both posts Gordon Ryan wrote on his Instagram profile.

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