Georgi Ivanov DVD Review: “The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia”


Saying that wresting is making a comeback thanks to the rise of Jiu-Jitsu and grappling would be an understatement. Wrestling has always been an important part of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but as the art evolves, it becomes ever more present. It is not just the way you take someone down, it is also about the manner and amount of control you get over an opponent. The front headlock and the cradle are just a couple of examples of how wrestling complements BJJ. In that sense, we’re also witnessing the rise of wrestling instructional intended for both BJJ grapplers and wrestlers alike. “The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia” is one such instructional that every grappler needs. Want to learn more about it? We have a complete play-by-play  Georgi Ivanov DVD review right here!

Georgi Ivanov – The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia (DIGITAL/DVD)

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I will be completely honest. Before dong this Georgi Ivanov DVD Review, I had never heard of the man before. As it turns out he is an Olympic level wrestler who is a real powerhouse! He is also a hugely popular figure in Bulgarian wrestling, which is one of the best in the world! Moreover, the focus of his instructional is the 2 on 1 position, which is an integral part of modern BJJ. Whether you’re going for takedowns or looking to get a leg lock from the bottom, you’ll need to understand the 2 on 1 system. This DVD is your best resource to date!

Bulgarian Olympic Wrestling

In order to correctly do this Georgi Ivanov DVD Review of his “2 on 1 Encyclopedia” I had to do a bit of research on Bulgarian wrestling as well. I already know that Bulgarians are very formidable wrestlers that usually rule competitions of all levels. Wrestling in Bulgaria has a decade-long tradition. The country’s wrestlers were so good at one time, that they had both World and European champions, as well as regular participants in Olympic games.  Nowadays, the sport is in somewhat of a decline, but there are still hotspots for learning the secrets of Eastern European wrestling in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian wrestlers are not just known for their technical prowess but also their conditioning. Do you know that Bulgarian bag that’s a mainstay in most BJJ gyms around the world today? Well, it was developed there for the needs of wrestlers in particular. That’s how much attention wrestling got in Bulgaria at one point. Even today, they still have world-class wrestlers, although most of them move abroad looking for better options. One example is Georgi Ivanov.

Georgi Ivanov is a 29-year-old wrestler who was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.  He moved to the US at 16 and managed to become a very proficient wrestler in the process. Georgi wrestled for Boise State and later ended up at Maryville University as an assistant coach. He competed at the 2016 Olympics managing to reach the round of 16 in the -74 kg division.

A Detailed Georgi Ivanov DVD Review: “The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia“

The best part about this Georgi Ivanov DVD is not the fact that he is an Olympic level wrestler. It is that he is an Olympic level wrestler with years of teaching experience under his belt. That makes him the perfect blend of coach and competitor required to produce a top-grade instructional. Hands down ‘the 2 on 1 Encyclopedia” is definitely one of the best wrestling instructionals of all times.

This DVD contains four volumes, organized in a very orderly and easy-to-follow fashion. IT also features something we’ve only seen in Danaher DVDs so far – a flow chart. The flow chart makes integrating everything you learn in the DVDs much easier than by just watching the content. It is also a perfect way to keep track of how far you are.

The volumes themselves contain instructions on the basics – entries and control. The 2 on 1 position is a seemingly easy one but it does involve a lot of fine details, all of which are presented here in detail. Volume two moves on to cover some finishing options, like arm triangles and gator rolls. OF course, some further takedown avenues also start appearing here. More advanced wrestling techniques and even some Judo hybrids are the subjects of volume three. Finally, the fourth volume wraps it all up with a defensive-minded takedown system.

Volume 1

35owkc - Georgi Ivanov DVD Review: "The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia"In the opening volume of this Georgi Ivanov DVD, the focus is on the essentials of the 2 on 1 position. As we know this is one of the staples of the sport and, along with the arm drag and duck under are the most effective entries in the sport of wrestling. There are a few entry options here that pretty much remove any obstacle you might run into. The part on climbing the arm is my favorite and is a real game-changer.

In terms of takedowns, the 2 on 1 Encyclopedia features a lot of them. They are all based on the initial 2 on 1 and work either on the near or far side. Georgi opens up with an arm drag and quickly moves on to his signature fireman’s carry. Speaking of the fireman’s carry, in this DVD you’ll find variations of this throw you’ve never thought possible. There is, for example, the Matrix fireman carries that is just as funky as it sounds. Straightjacket throws and a few trips only make things more interesting as this volume draws to a close.

Volume 2

Picking up the pace, Ivanov switches his attention to some stuff that’ll particularly interest BJJ folks. The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia offers a window to front headlock attacks and Ivanov demonstrates how to tie together head and arm finishes along with some wicked gator rolls form the feet. Let’s just say nobody is going to be left standing after you set them up.

Furthermore, takedowns in this volume include some nasty lateral drops and ankle picks. However, Ivanov still refrains from going deep into ankle pick territory just yet. Instead, he offers alternatives in the form of high crotches and a mini system of Turks that is brutally effective.

Volume 3

Volume three is where you’ll find stuff that might just be a bit too advanced for complete beginners. They require some previous knowledge of grappling, but boy, are they effective! From the champions head pinch, through the backbreaker (take note of this one) all the way to the nightmare, Ivanov teaches some signature innovative moves that’ll catch anyone!

35owor - Georgi Ivanov DVD Review: "The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia"I particularly enjoyed the wrestlers O Soto Gari, which is a modification of the old Judo classic. As far as trips go, this one is guaranteed to get everyone to the ground. The best part about it is that requires next to no effort, unlike its Judo counterpart. Further innovations in the form of “the rolling thunder” and “the unknown double” make this volume on of the best grappling DVDs ever!

Volume 4

Finally, as this Georgi Ivanov DVD comes to a close, he decides to share some defensive strategies. However, given his style and preference, this is more of a counterattacking DVD than a defense one. There are a few chapters here that focus on moves like the O Soto Gari and ways of closing the gap. However, the majority of the volume is all about using basic wresting takedowns in a defensive manner. Those include ankle picks, duck under, back trips, arm throws and many more. A very useful 2 on 1 drill concludes this highly informative grappling DVD instructional.

In Summary

There’s no doubt that “The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia” Georgi Ivanov DVD is a high-quality grappling instructional. However, its application is far greater than just among wrestlers. In fact, is applicable not only in grappling martial arts but also in MMA settings as well. The 2 on 1 is one of the safest ways of establishing connection and control, without giving up anything to your opponent. AS such, it should be in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum as much as it is in wrestling ones.

Georgi Ivanov – The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia (DIGITAL/DVD)

Georgi Ivanov Cover 1024x1024 300x202 - Georgi Ivanov DVD Review: "The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia"
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