Fundamentals Of Powerlifting Louie Simmons Instructional Review

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Do you want to get strong? How strong? If being stronger than an Ox, and denser than a brick house is your goal, then powerlifting is what you need to be looking towards. If you also happen to be one of those grapplers that don’t mind fighting in the highest weight divisions, then powerlifting is really a no-brainer for you. It will do wonders even for people that grapple in lighter weight divisions, as long as it is planned and executed in an organized manner. I’ll just cut to the point: the ‘”Fundamentals Of Powerlifting” Louie Simmons Instructional has everything you need, especially if you’re a grappler or MMA fighter looking to get extremely strong.

Louie Simmons – Fundamentals Of Powerlifting

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Who would you turn to in order to learn leg locks, or Berimbolos, or the rubber guard? It would surely be the best in the business: Danaher for leg locks, Mikey Musumeci for Berimbolos, and Eddie bravo for the Rubber guard. Why would strength training be any different? There is literally nobody better in the realm of powerlifting than Westside Barbell’s Louie Simmons, a name that is legendary in weightlifting circuits. With a lifetime in powerlifting, several books on the subject, and lots of other content, Simmons is now condensing everything into an incredible DVD instructional dubbed “The Fundamentals Of Powerlifting”.

Louie Simmons And Westside Barbell 

In case you have no idea who Louie Simmons is, let me point you to the story of a legend in weightlifting. Simmons is an American powerlifter who founded the Conjugate method, also known as the Westside Conjugate Method, given that Louie has spent his entire career as part of the legendary Westside Barbell gym.

994f60a7a1d1c9d075f9a51244d3512d - Fundamentals Of Powerlifting Louie Simmons Instructional ReviewLouie has spent his lifetime lifting heavy weights and helping others do the same. He is one of the best strength coaches around and the man behind the success of plenty of acclaimed powerlifters and professional athletes. His methods are unique and extremely effective. Apart from the Conjugate methods, which have to do with the periodization of training and the use of different methods to obtain different strength or explosiveness goals, Louie is also the man behind groundbreaking lifting equipment, like the reverse hyper machine.

Louie has some crazy numbers of his own. In a competitive career that has lasted over half a century, he has a 920 lbs squat, 600 lbs. bench press, and 722 lbs. deadlift, all achieved after the age of 50! He also holds powerlifting records in five different weight categories that nobody has been able to break so far. Currently the owner of Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio, he now also offers his coaching tips in the form of the “Fundamentals Of Powerlifting” DVD.

Powerlifting For Grapplers

For grapplers, strength, especially relative strength, is one of the most important athletic abilities. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just need strength in BJJ to execute techniques – in fact, that’s one aspect of Jiu-Jitsu where you don’t need it. You need strength to stay injury-free, have a solid posture, grips that are difficult to break, and control over your entire body that will allow you to transition through space, hold positions and prevent attacks in combination with technique and tactics. It is not about how much you can lift, but rather, how strong you are relative to your bodyweight. And powerlifting offers the best bang for your buck in that department.

That said, being strong for grappling does not mean you need to go out and win powerlifting competitions,. it also doesn’t mean that you have to eat, train, or look like powerlifters, who do their best to be as big as humanly possible in order to move massive amounts of weight around. Instead, you need a solid periodized training program that will get you stronger without getting you heavier, and allowing you to retain full range of motion. All of the above, along with plenty of the important aspects are all included in the “Fundamentals of Powerlifting” Louie Simmons DVD.

DVD Review: The Fundamentals Of Powerlifting By Louie Simmons 

Louie Simmons came up with the Conjugate method quite a long time ago. To this day, the method still works, universally, for all types of athletes. the reason behind it is that Louie likes to keep things simple and use proven ways of making you the strongest version of yourself. Henceforth, his “Fundamentals of Powerlifting” DVD is also simple, straightforward, but incredibly effective. If there is one BJJ strength instructional that you should own, and that you can use for the rest of your life with constant progress, it has to be this one.

The program is organized in a 12-week system that will provide you with an increase in strength you’ve never thought possible. There are plenty of individual aspects to putting it together, so Louie offers a template that is highly adjustable to anyone, young or senior, female or male, white belt or black.

1. The Philosophy Of The Conjugate Method

The “Fundamentals Of Powerlifting” DVD opens up with an introduction to Louie Simmons and his training history and methodologies. Some of his own successes, along with success stories of his most famous students also feature here, helping people learn what powerlifting is, and why the bench press, deadlift, and squat are the only lifts you need.

Westside Wisdom - Fundamentals Of Powerlifting Louie Simmons Instructional ReviewEverything you need to know about the conjugate system, periodization of training, the Law of accommodation, the different types of strength, etc, feature in this first part of eth instructional. Louie doesn’t hold anything back, and you’ll definitely learn about some of the myths and stories of lifting weights, and why things haven’t always worked for you as planned.

There’s also a very important proton in this first volume on overtraining, how to avoid it, and how to make sure your training program is set up in an optimal manner. Two of the staple methods of the program, the max effort and repetition method also feature here, explained in extreme detail.

 2. Creating A Dynamic Method Based Program For Fighters

The second part of this Louie Simmons DVD starts off with an explanation of the natural cycle of the body which will be extremely useful to everyone that’s not already a strength coach. The key concept of accommodation also features here, as well as some interesting takes on how to do more pushups, pull-ups, and other common questions people ask.

The conjugate method itself is explained through its origin, along with the value of the three staple exercises of powerlifting – bench, squat, and deadlift. Louie leaves no stone unturned, factoring in age, warming up, general physical preparedness levels, and all other associated parameters, before moving to explain the dynamic effort method, the key part of the conjugate system for grapplers and fighters. Apart from program design, nutrition advice, gear recommendations, and thoughts on strength, muscular endurance, and cardio, there are also some key techniques in this portion. those include the power metrics squatting technique, power metrics good morning, and some incredible deadlift and bench press pointers.


Getting strong is hard, but not complex. The Westside Barbell Conjugate method is a tried and tested way of getting your strength levels through the roof. This Louie Simmons instructional puts everything together, helping you build a program based on your needs and capabilities. What you can bet is going to happen is that you’ll start benching, deadlifting, and squatting way more after watching the ‘Fundamentals Of Powerlifting” DVD than you ever have before. Moreover, your strength levels during grappling will be off the charts!

Louie Simmons – Fundamentals Of Powerlifting

LouieSimmons CoverNEW 1024x1024 300x202 - Fundamentals Of Powerlifting Louie Simmons Instructional Review
Program list and Free Videos

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