Fight 2 Win 164 took place on February 19, 20121 in Fight 2 Win 164. The card featured some of the biggest names in grappling, and also had an under card of brown, purple and blue belt matches, as well as kids and teens matches. The tournament did not disappoint as there were upsets, close calls and even some, at the time, unclear decisions in the main and co-main events.

Oliver Taza and Gianni Grippo were two of the grapplers that didn’t have a great night, given that they represent the two biggest upsets of the night. Namely, Pedro Rocha managed to edge Taza via decision, while Gabriel Souza won his match against Grippo in the same fashion, to yet again surprise Fight 2 Win fans.Fight 2 Win 164 Full

The decisions that brought Vagner Rocha and Manuel Ribamar their wins in the main and co-man event respectively did raisesome eyebrows and cause reaction insitally, although Figth 2 Win CEO Seth Daniels quickly cleared things up. On his Instagram account, Seth Daniels explained that decisions are based on the number and quality of the submission attempts athletes make during a match. In the case of Manuel Ribamar vs. Dante Leon, Ribamar ended up with a couple more choke attampets tha tinitally, got him the nod, even though the match was extremely close.

In the case of the main event, Vagner aggression and more dominant wrestling and top game display got him the nod over Yuri, even though Simoes had attacks and action packed moments of his own.

Fight 2 Win 164 Full Results 

Vagner Rocha defeats Yuri Simoes via Decision
Manuel Ribamar defeats Dante Leon via Decision
Gabriel Souza defeats Gianni Grippo via Decision
Pedro Rocha defeats Oliver Taza via Decision
Travis Clark defeats Chad Fields via Decision
Alan Shebaro defeats Edward Wisenhaunt via Decision
Diego Santana defeats BJ Nelson via Decision
Henrique Rossi defeats Justin Ordinario via Decision
Michael Torres defeats Angel Torres via Submission – Heelhook
Fabrício Barbarotti defeats Guilherme Rocha via Decision (FOTN)
Pedro Veras defeats Rodrigo Lopes via Submission – Choke (SOTN)
Robby Malof defeats Vinicius Carvalho Garcia via Decision
Loronz Marion defeats Ayuba Ndiaye via Decision
Mike Anderson defeats Wally Thompson via Submission – Choke
Marc Botindari defeats Stephen Hall via Submission – Head-and-Arm Choke
Jinho Kim defeats Jason Gavenda via Submission – Choke
Andre Gomes Reis defeats Jorge Perez via Submission – Bicep Slicer

Brown Belt Matches

Zach Cothren defeats Mark Francescutti via Submission – Choke (SOTN)
Italo Lima Costa defeats Daniel Calvert via Submission – Armbar
Bradley Schneider defeats Kemoy Anderson via Decision
Adam Bradley defeats Nilo Burgener via Decision
Christopher Shaw defeats Michael Gonzalez via Submission – Choke
Keaton Standridge defeats Conrad Duran via Decision (FOTN)

Purple Belt Matches

Matthew Falavinha defeats Randall Goodson via Decision
Tarean Byars defeats Eric Curry via Submission – Rear-Naked Choke
Seth Kaelin defeats Mark lorello via Submission – Armbar (SOTN)
Kenta Golson defeats Tony Kell via Decision
Amador Barraza defeats Dominic Ramos via Submission – Kneebar
Daryl Brown defeats Austyn McNeil via Decision
Jonathan Thomas defeats Stephen Shnayderman via Decision (FOTN)
Dylan Martinez defeats Justin Brian Huskinson via Decision

Blue Belts, Kids and Teens Matches

Jeremy Omar Martinez defeats John Tao via Submission – Heelhook
Alexander Leon defeats Taylor Leonard via Submission – Heelhook
Jett Graham defeats Kevin Ditto via Submission – Armbar (FOTN)
Bradley Thomas Herring defeats Patrick Dooley via Decision
Mitchell Cupp defeats Glen Bradley via Submission – Armbar
Roberto Lopez defeats Brayden Garrett via Submission – Choke
Jonathan Becker defeats Gabriel Gonzalez via Decision
Hasnat Raza defeats Gray Ramirez via Submission – One-Arm Guillotine
Jaden Becker defeats Lukas Mermingez via Decision
John Hanson defeats Ryan Bunch via Decision (FOTN)
Evan Wise defeats Johnathan Lopez via Submission – Ankle Lock
Alex Frias defeats Devon Brown via Submission – Armbar
Colby Hernandez defeats Maverick Hatcher via Submission – Triangle Choke
Joseph Brunson defeats Anthony Mermingez via Decision
Dario Rivera defeats Karter Short via Submission – Armbar
Connor Stallmer defeats Colt Brown via Submission – Armbar
Brady Ramey defeats Christopher Ditto Ditto via Submission – Armbar
Michael Brennan defeats Joshua Patino via Submission – Triangle Armbar (SOTN)
ILGGCzS - Fight 2 Win 164 Full Results And "Controversial" Decisions
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