BJJ Tips: How Much Sleep Do Grapplers Need?

Roll, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. This is one of the most usual BJJ mantras across the globe. However, people usually only focus on the first, and perhaps on the second part of it. The part that doesn’t get nearly enough attention is sleep. Out of all the BJJ tips for grapplers, it seems that sleep shouldn’t really rank high on the list. However, if you see the usual sleeping habits of most grapplers, or better said, lack of them, you can understand why we need to address this subject. Time to see how we can optimize sleeping for BJJ recovery and ultimately, a better Jiu-Jitsu game.  Until a while ago, most of the combat sport related to strength and conditioning was all about training. Lifting weights, roadwork, sprints, CrossFit and the likes reigned supreme. Lately, people started looking more into recovery with things like mobility work, foam … Continue reading BJJ Tips: How Much Sleep Do Grapplers Need?