BJJ vs Wrestling – Firas Zahabi Mauls a Wrestler

BJJ vs Wrestling - Firas Zahabi Mauls a Wrestler
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A lot of us remember rolling with a wrestler once we started training BJJ. And what’s even worse those rolls usually comes when we just started thinking we’re getting good. Most of the time people training BJJ for a short period of time get mauled by wrestlers because years and years of grappling must show some result. Luckily for BJJ beginners problems with rolling with wrestlers don’t last much. Most of the time everything you need is to get a solid guard game and problems are over for good. You’ll literally start playing with wrestlers with no BJJ experience.

That’s exactly what Firas Zahabi showed in a video below at the Tristar Gym in Montreal. Firas is toying with a seasoned wrestler. Although Firas Zahabi is a BJJ Black Belt and a guy whose knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu is huge but you can get the picture of what should rolls with pure wrestlers look like.

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