Quintet 3 Results & Videos – The Craziest BJJ Event In 2018

Quintet 3 Results Videos
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Quintet 3 Results:

Special Matches

  • Nicky Ryan def. Hideo Tokoro (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Marcelo Nunes def. Haisam Rida (Head and Arm Choke)
  • Satoshi Ishii def. Frank Mir (Mir got DQ’d for Penalties )

Semi-Final 1 – Team Sakuraba vs. Team Alpha Male

  • Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Urijah Faber (DRAW)
  • Antoine Jaoude vs. Daisuke Nakamura (DRAW)
  • Gordon Ryan submits Josh Barnett (Triangle Choke)
  • Gordon Ryan submits Marcos Souza (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Gordon Ryan vs. Roberto Souza (DRAW)

Semi-Final 2 – Team 10th Planet vs. Team Polaris

  • PJ Barch def. Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro (Armbar)
  • Gregor Gracie def. PJ Barch (Kneebar)
  • Gregor Gracie def. Amir Allam (Kimura)
  • Geo Martinez def. Gregor Gracie (Kimura)
  • Marcin Held def. Geo Martinez (Kneebar)
  • Craig Jones def. Richie Martinez (Achilles lock)
  • Craig Jones def. Adam Sachnoff (Rear Naked Choke)

The Finals – Team Alpha Male vs. Team Polaris

  • Dustin Akbari vs. Dan Strauss (DRAW)
  • Mansher Khera vs. Marcin Held (DRAW)
  • Craig Jones def. Antoine Jaoude (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Gordon Ryan def. Craig Jones (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Gordon Ryan def. Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro (Armbar)
  • Gordon Ryan vs. Gregor Gracie (DRAW)

Quintet 3 Videos

Special Match

Nicky Ryan def. Hideo Tokoro ( via RNC)

The first match of the night was the special fight between Nicky Ryan, the younger brother of Gordon Ryan, and Hideo Tokoro.

Hideo Tokoro was able to get to the legs of Nicky with some nice looking rolling entry. He issued a leg entanglement but NIcy was the one to get better of it. After the scramble, Nicky was able to get to bac of Hideo Tokoro. Nicky did some great back control with body triangle on and that was enough for him to finish Tokoro with an RNC.

Semi-Final 1 – Team Sakuraba vs. Team Alpha Male

Kazushi Sakuraba vs with Urijah Faber (DRAW)

The first match of Quintet 3 tournament was one between Kazushi Sakuraba and Urijah Faber, two MMA legends and UFC Hall Of Hamers.

At the beginning of the match there was some back and forth fight going on for a takedown. The referee wasn’t very happy with it so he issued a warning to both of the fighters.

After that Famanagedaged to get on top side control over Kazushi Sakuraba. Although lighter than Sakuraba Faber did some great pressure and managed to control Sakuraba. The Referee, again, issued a warning for stalling. Urijah then transitioned to a toehold but wasn’t successful with it. Sakuraba managed to get away for a short time and then after a lot of scrambling Urijah, again, managed to get to a toehold but Sakuraba was defending it nice and that’s how the match ended. Fast Paced and interesting match between two veterans ended in a draw.

Antoine Jaoude vs Daisuke Nakamura (DRAW)

The second match of the round was between Brazilian Antoine Jaoude and Japanese star Daisuke Nakamura.

Jaoude outweighed Nakamura significantly but that wasn’t enough for him to get the better of Nakamura as Nakamura was able to use his speed very well. He was able to have some really acrobatic attacks with some flying armbar attempts issuing a lot of scrambles.

At the end of the round, Nakamura was trying to take down Jaoude but ended up on the bottom in a half guard. That was the position where the match ended in a draw eliminating both of them from the tournament.

Gordon Ryan def. Josh Barnett (via submission, Triangle)

This is the match everyone wanted to see. Adcc medalist and John Danaher’s Black Belt Gordon Ryan vs Grappling and MMA legend Josh Barnett

Gordon Ryan started a match with a butterfly Guard. He was very agressive with it trying to engage Josh Barnett as much as he could. After some time he managed to sweep Barnett with a beautiful butterfly sweep and get the top side control. Soon after the sweep Gordon got to full mount working his way to the top of Barnett’s body.

Barnett was able to bump Gordon but Gordon did a great move while Barnett was reversing the position. He pushed his leg over Barnett’s leg and secured a triangle. After a short time in a triangle choke, Barnett had no other options but to tap to a younger opponent.

Gordon Ryan def. Marcos Souza (via submission, RNC)

Gordon Ryan’s second fight of the evening was one against Marcos Souza. After a lot of takedowns from Ryan, he managed to get to a top position with Souza on bottom playing butterfly guard.

Souza was really trying to prevent Gordon from passing his guard, but despite his efforts, Ryan was able to secure pass his guard and immediately transition to a full mount.

Ryan’s mount was seemed inactive to the referee so he stood both fighters up. Soon after Ryan was again able to get to the top. While trying to pass Souza’s guard he managed to get on his back. Ryan established a solid back control with a body triangle lock on that led to a rear naked choke and the tap fro Souza.

Gordon Ryan draws with Roberto Souza (DRAW)

Gordon Ryan’s third match was against Roberto Souza. Roberto Souza started the match aggressively forcing Gordon Ryan to pull guard.

Souza was trying hard to pass Ryan’s open guard but with no success. After some time Ryan managed to get on his feet and he did a nice double leg takedown. They entangled their legs and Souza got better of it by scrambling his way on top.

The rest of the match passed in Souza’s trying to pass Ryan’s guard until referee decided to get the restart the position Souza got ryan’s back but was unable to secure the subission as time was up.

Although this match ended in a draw Team Alpha Male had more victories and proceeded to the finals.

Team Alpha Male DEF. Team Sakuraba and advanced to finals

Semi-Final 2 – Team 10th Planet vs. Team Polaris

PJ Barch def. Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro (via submission, Armbar)

The first match between Team 10th Planet and Team Polaris was between BJJ Legend Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro and former NCAA wrestler PJ Barch.

As Ribeiro knew that he’s facing a wrestler he immediately pulled a guard on PJ Barch. Shaolin’s half guard was unpassable for PJ. Shaolin managed to sweep PJ from half guard and get the to position.

Due to inactivity referee in referee’s eyes, he stood them up. Soon after, Barch was able to pass Ribeiro’s guard but Ribeiro but not for long. While in Ribeiro’s guard he tried to isolate his arm but with no success and he lost the position. On the bottom, Barch was very active with his knee bar and leg lock attempts and at one point he managed to get on Ribeiro’s back. While he was unable to choke Ribeiro he transitioned to arm attack rolling into the belly down armbar and that was enough to force the tap from Ribeiro.

Gregor Gracie submits PJ Barch (Kneebar)

Gregor’s second match was against PJ Barch. WIth a use of foot sweep, Gregor Gracie did a nice takedown. After a series of leg attacks, he managed to secure a kneebar that immediately led to a tap from PJ Barch.

Marcin Held submits Geo Martinez (Kneebar)

As soon as the match started the leg attack exchange has started. Kneebars to heel hook attempts were traded all the time. Marcin held got better of it as he was more aggressive and he managed to pull a tight kneebar forcing Martinez to a fast tap.

Richie Martinez def. Marcin Held

The fast-paced action started from the beginning. Martinez did a very good use of rubber guard and threatened with a gogoplata with a quick transition to armlock variation and secured a tap for his team 10th Planet

Craig Jones def. Richie Martinez (Straight Foot Lock)

Seconds after the match started Craig Jones did a nice Achilles lock.

Craig Jones def. Adam Sachnoff (RNC)

Marcelo Nunes def. Haisam Rida (Head and Arm Choke)

Craig Jones def.Antoine Jaoude (submission RNC)

Gordon Ryan def. Craig Jones (submission RNC)

Gordon Ryan def. Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro (Submission Armbar)

Quintet 3 Preview

It is going to be nuts! It is going to be exciting! And it is coming to the USA and is about to explode! Ladies and gentleman grapplers, the craziest grappling tournament is about to have a third edition. And this time, it comes all the way from Tokyo to the fight capital of the world – Las Vegas. Kazushi Sakuraba’s grappling promotion, featuring the weirdest ruleset so far, is about to go global. Despite being only the third edition, the event features names that are going to excite the grappling world, to say the least. Yeah, the teams are out, and it is going to be one of the most epic Jiu-Jitsu events ever held. Get ready for Quintet 3, the first and only 5 vs 5 grappling tournament!!!

As if Vegas didn’t have enough huge things happening in October. Just 24 hours before Conor Mcgregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov face of in the octagon, grappling fans will have a great way to warm up for the fight. Quintet 3 hits vegas o October 5th! Quintet is the latest submission only promotion to enter the stage of professional Jiu-Jitsu. However, there’s something different about it. Actually, there’s a lot different about it. It is a team tournament as opposed to the usual individual ones. it also features a crazy rule set, on we’ve never seen before. Plus, all the teams involved have so far provided incredible entertainment. Now, in Quintet 3, the roster of grapplers that’ll potentially face off is unlike anything we’ve seen before!

So far, the two Quintet events took place in Japan. This is unsurprising, given that he founded is MMA and grappling legend Kazushi Sakuraba. The first sign of craziness is the fact that Sakuraba himself, at the age of 49 is still competing against high-level opposition. So far, he competed at both Quitnet events and is not about to skip the third one. Speaking of which, the No-Gi sub -only Quintet 3 event, is not only switching continents but also increasing the quality of competitors. Below, we take a look at the four teams about to battle in the first ever Quintet event on US soil!

What Is Quintet? 

Quintet 3 Line Up Seriously, if you still have to ask this questions you must’ve been living under a rock. In all fairness, the Quintet tournament is pretty new, but it is anything but unnoticeable! a grappling tournament featuring 5 vs 5 teams? It is already enough to tickle the curiosity of every grappler out there. Throw in the unusual ruleset and you have what’s about to become the most anticipated grappling event in the world!

The Quintet tournament is based on an old wrestling competition system. TI includes teams of five grapplers that goe up against each other. There are no weight classes, meaning smaller grapplers can potentially face heavyweights. The only way to win is via a submission. UNless two people submit each other, it is a draw and they’re both eliminated. if one grappler wins, though, he stays on facing the next member of the opposite team. Oh, and there are no heel hooks. And there’s also no closed guard allowed.

So far the winners of the first Quintet event were team Polaris, featuring Craig Jones, Gregor Gracie, Dan Strauss, Caol Uno, and Marcin Held. The first event also saw 11 out of 17 matches end via a submission. At Quintet 2, ti was all about team 10th Planet, led by the enigmatic Martinez brothers. There were some memorable matches and some crazy submissions as the second event topped the first one, according to most! Now, it is time for Quintet 3 and I, for one, am truly excited about this one!

The Quintet 3 Line Up

Quintet 3 Trailer So far, even the announcement of Quintet 3 has people anxious for the tournament! Polaris team, the winners of the inaugural event, and Quintet 2 victors 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu will both feature. The remaining two teams are no joke either, with one of them, named led by Sakuraba himself once again. The final team for Quintet 3 is handpicked by Uriah Faber, unsurprisingly called team Alpha Male. Which team has the best chance of victory?

Team Sakuraba

First up it is the relentless founder of the tournament. kazushi Sakuraba might be almost 50, but he is still one very formidable grappler! So far his team got to the finals once. This time, he’ll be looking to go all the way and claim victory in his third attempt. And his teammates are no less well-rounded as grapplers! Pride and UFC legend Josh Barnett is going to look to introduce some high-level catch wrestling to the mix. Completing the team are Marcos Souza, and Roberto Satoshi Souza.

Team Polaris

Any team that features Craig Jones has probably the best odds at winning any tournament. However, when his teammates are also grapplers of the utmost quality, they turn into the clear favorite! As they already proved at the first ever Quintet event, they’re a very formidable bunch of grapplers. Energy demon Dan Strauss is also a member, bringing endless aggression and guillotines of hell to the game.  Gregor Gracie and Marcin Held are also back, with the fifth member still to be determined. Whoever it is, they can only get scarier, right?

Craig Jones is one of the best submission artists of today. He has a rich and versatile game but he’s particularly scary with his leg lock setups. Learn his leg locking ways with the help of his “Down Under Leg Attacks” DVD set. It is the ultimate resource for mastering both the offensive and defensive aspect of leg locking!

Team Alpha Male 

So far, team, Alpha Male have only three confirmed competitors. However, it seems like there would be more than enough to take on any other team in the tournament. Led by the founder, head coach and UFC veteran Uriah Faber, they’re going to be the smallest built team at the tournament. Given that they’re known as a gym of bantam, feather, and lightweights, this is not surprising. Supporting Uriah so far are Urijah two more UFC fighters in Dustin Akbari and Chris Holdsworth. Wonder who Uriah will ask to complete their starting five?

Team 10th Planet

Finally, Eddie bravo’s picks remain unchanged from last time out. Once again, Geo and Ritchie Martinez are the tips of the spear. Actually, Boogeyman got a memorable D’arce finish over Sakuraba, while Geo went into grappling folklore with his giant-killing submissions. PJ Barch, Amir Allam, and the guy who got the team to the finals last time, Adam Sachnoff are all back to prove they’re the undisputed champions.

Last time out, Boogyman did really well with the rubber guard. Learn the secrets of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu’s most famous system with Brandon McCaghren. “Rubber Guard: The Meathook” is a DVD instructional that explains the rubber guard system inside out. Even if you don’t like playing rubber guard, you need this DVD to learn how to try and defend it!

Who do you got winning Quitnet 3?

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