Best MMA Chest Protectors 2020 Guide (Reviews Included)


There’s nothing in the entire array of possible injuries you can get from training combat sports that hurt as much as a rib injury. Whether it is just a contusion, a muscle sprain, or God forbid, a broken rib, you’re in for a period of intense pain. If (or better said when) that happens in a fight, you can’t really do too much about it. In training, however, rib and chest injuries all together are easily avoidable. You just need to get in the habit of looking out for yourself. And the Best MMA Chest Protectors are the piece of gear you need to sleep painlessly at night, even after multiple rounds of live MMA sparring. 

The best MMA chest protectors are probably the most important piece of protective gear you can wear, apart from a mouthguard. They’re also the most underrated piece of gear altogether. You rarely see Thai fighters practicing Muay Thai kicks without a chest protector on. MMA fighters, however, often think they can get away with it until something pops and every breath brings you intolerable pain. Not to mention the complete inability to laugh, sneeze, or cough. Well, with some of the modern best MMAchest protectors that are now integrated into rashguards, there are no more excuses. Stay safe while sparring so that you can dominate in the cage!

Chest Protection In MMA Training

there is a very good reason why our most sensitive organs are in our chest cavity. it offers the most protection out of every other area of the body, including the skull. Your chest is surrounded by a literal cage, made from the spine, sternum, and ribs. Inside, the hearth and lungs get as much protection as possible. All of the bones of the ribcage are interconnected with muscles that help to breathe. They are also the source of a lot of pain for MMA fighters. At least those that are not in the habit of wearing chest protectors.

Chest injuries hurt like hell. One great example is rolling. Whenever you grapple, there’s always immense pressure on the chest. Very often, particularly among people that are not seasoned grapplers, the ribs get smashed. This results in pain, because of either strain to the muscles or cracks or constructions to the ribs themselves, the sternum can also get a beating (think about knee on belly). Throw in there all the kicks and body punches that you throw during live sparring and that is the recipe for disaster.

Regardless of the type of chest injury, the result is the same – rest. Since you can’t really bandage or restrict the chest, because of movement during breathing, nothing but rest can help you heal. that also means time off, and perhaps a canceled fight or two. Actually, rib injuries are among the main reasons for fighters pulling out of fights at the highest levels. And it is all so easily avoidable – you just need a chest protector. Below, you’ll find the most comprehensive guide to the very best MMA chest protectors 2020 has to offer. That includes some really innovative ways of staying safe without carrying a bulky protector!

The 2020 Best MMA Chest Protectors Guide

As far as our best MMA Chest protectors 2020 guide goes, we made sure we focus on both protection and variety. PRotection is pretty much clear – the more you can get, the better. In terms of variety though, we don’t just mean different colors and designs of the same chest protector. On the contrary, we offer different MMA chest protectors, each of a special kind and with unique protective properties. This means you can find anything below, from heavy-duty body armor to light and innovative protectors you can roll with.

Another very important aspect is the price. Chest protectors are not small pieces of gear, and often cost more than fighters are willing to pay. All of the best MMA chest protectors below come with the best possible deals, price-wise. They offer not just optimal protection but are also more than affordable. Plus, most of them can easily fit into your MMA gym bag or backpack making them easily portable.


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Kicking things off is the Fairtex Trainer’s Protective Vest. The reason it is called the ‘trainer’s” vest is that Muay Thai coaches often wear this type of protection when training kicks. It is mainly a frontal chest protector, but there’s also some lateral protection too. Moreover, Fairtex is a brand that knows how to make MMA sparring gear of the highest quality. Not to mention the top price!
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Where to start with this one? If you’re looking to keep your chest area safe, you can’t really go wrong with the Fairtex protective vest. The outer material of the MMA chest protector is synthetic leather, offering unrivaled durability. No matter how often you use this protector, it’ll easily last you your entire MMA career. The padding is Polyurethane Foam that offers immense impact absorption. Moreover, it is layered in multiple layers, ensuring safety even against expert kickers. The chest protector is available in one size only, that is easily adjustable to fit everyone. There’s an easy closure system at the back that lets you put it on and off without hassle. Available in black color, with white target areas. Handmade in Thailand (which is the golden standard of quality MMA gear).

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RDX is a brand so proficient at high-quality protective MMA gear that it features not once, but twice in our best MMA chest protectors 2020 guide. Their Body Protector chest guard is one of the best pieces of protective MMA gear you can get. It is the perfect chest protectors for beginners, as it offers lots of protection for a very low price.
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The RDX Chest Guard Body Protector has a patented Maya hide leather exterior that is so durable it is an armor by itself. Still, with top-grade protection in mind,  special laminated foam completes this extra though chest protector. The foam is 18mm EVA-LUTION foam with a further 24MM  lamination. As far as protection goes this is the most shock-absorbent padding in our 2020 guide. The RDX Body Protector is easily adjustable with hook and loop elastic Nylon straps. Despite this, the protector is available in different sizes, S/M and L/XL. The stitching of this chest protector is triple Nylon and feature PU piping to guarantee sturdiness and durability. It is available in red color.

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Ringside’s MAM chest protector is the first one in our best MMA chest protectors 2020 guide that features gel padding. It is protective MMA gear of the highest quality that is used by pro fighters across the globe. Featuring state of the art technology and an unbelievably comfortable fit, this is one of the top chest protectors you can get, amateur or pro.
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Durable synthetic leather is the material that forms the outer shell fo the Ringside Gel Shock Body Protector. The padding features a special Gel Shock technology construction that ensures that shock gets dissipated before it can reach your body. As far as contact sports go, this protector offers the greatest protection possible. It comes in black, with red targets on the chest and the sides. The protector covers the entire chest and belly area, along with your sides. Available in one size only, featuring adjustable straps that criss-cross at the back.  Lightweight and very thin.

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The Contender Fight Sports Body Protector is the heaviest duty piece of protective gear in this guide. This one is old-school allowing for maximal shock absorption. It is bulky though, and you can’t grapple with it, but you can certainly go all out when it comes to striking. One of the sturdiest designs you’ll ever see, as far as MMA chest protectors go.
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The Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector is specifically designed to withstand the highest possible amounts of impact. The material is once again synthetic leather, ultra-tough and very easy to keep clean. There are extra strong Nylon straps that allow you to easily get the chest protector on and off. The protection here extends to the ribs, covering the entire ribcage area. A special dense shock-absorbing foam ensures nothing will penetrate through the padding. Perfect for MMA training, as well as Muay Thai or Taekwondo. Comes in one size only, completely adjustable thanks to the straps. Available in a black and white design, with the Contender Sports logo on the target areas.

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As promised, RDX features yet again in our best MMA chest protectors 2020 guide. this time, though, it is a very advanced, highly functional MMA-specific chest protector. It is my personal preference and I recommend it very highly. It not only looks extremely cool but offers the best protection modern technology can develop.
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The RDX Rib Shield Armor is just that – literal armor. It features an ergonomic and modern design, lightweight and very slim. Moreover, it conforms to your body perfectly, minimally affecting movement and allowing for much more efficient sparring. The outside is once again, RDX’s signature Maya Hide synthetic leather, which is CE Certified Approved. The padding is EVA-LUTION foam that is capable of absorbing anything you throw at it. Special Nylon stitching provides added security and durability. The straps allow maximum adjustment, interlacing at the back to offer a perfect fit and extreme comfort. Extremely modern design available in black, and a black and white combination. Sizes include S/M and L/XL.Amazon button - Best MMA Chest Protectors 2020 Guide (Reviews Included)


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The final entry in our best MMA chest protectors 2020 guide is a special one indeed. It looks nothing like the chest protectors we saw before. It is actually a state of the art protector, offering specific protection and maximal movement. If you’re looking to spar live, with grappling included, this is the only chest protector that makes sense.
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The Zicac SHock Rashguard is a hybrid between a rashguard and a chest protector. Since it is a hybrid, it features a bit of both. ti looks pretty much like a regular rashguard, bar highlighted areas on the chest, shoulders, and ribs. The highlighted areas are the target areas and are where protective padding comes in to play. The material of the rashguard is Polyester and Spandex with special EVA foam padding. In fact, the foam is in the shape of an anti-collision EVA particle that offers crazy levels of impact absorption. The rashguard is very breathable, conforms perfectly to the body, and has moisture-wicking properties. Available in sizes S-XL and a long and short-sleeved black design.

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MMA Chest Protectors FAQ

Now that we’re clear on what chest protectors are and which hare the best MMA chest protectors of 2020, let’s tackle some frequently asked questions. For example, how did we pick these particular chest protectors as the best ones you can get in 2020? Well, there are several things you need to know.

The most important thing you need to know is the level of protection, and that has everything to do with the padding inside the best MMA chest protectors. There are two main types of padding that does the trick. One is Polyurethane Foam, which is more common. The second is Silicon gel, which is a modern option that usually means a pricier product. the gel offers pretty much the same protection as foam, but it is not nearly a thick, making much more comfortable protectors. Which brings us to a second FAQ – types.

Chest protectors come in three main models or types. The simplest one protects only the chest area and is one you commonly see in MMA gyms. With the second type, which also covers the back, you get double the protection. these are particularly great for standup live sparring. The third and final type is the full protection one, extending from your neck to your waist and covering your torso in 360 degrees. This is also the bulkiest but offers the best possible protection. Which type you use depends on whether or not you have an injury and the type of sparring or training you’re doing.

Just as a side note, chest guards (most of them) are not machine washable. That means you’ll need to make a habit of cleaning yours after training, by wiping it down with some antibacterial wipes.


Protecting your ribs during MMA training is nothing too complex. Especially now that you know which are the best MAM chest protectors. Not only that, but you have options to choose from, depending on your sparring goals. From heavy-duty old-school protectors to body armor rashguards you can find everything right here in our 2020 guide.