Best MMA Rashguards 2021 Guide With Reviews

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Who is to blame for the rise of the rashguard subculture within the bounds of combat sports remains unknown. For me, it was GSP, with his under Armour rashguards. I wanted to have one for training too but didn’t really opt for the same brand. Rather, I chose something I could find easily and that was that. I was hooked. today, much of the BJ Jand MMA community is also hooked on rashguards, whether it is for training or competition. In fact, MMA rashguards are a key piece of training gear for a multitude of reasons. Plus, they look cool and offer a way of expressing individuality (or lack of taste). But what are the  Best MMA Rashguards of 2021 and where can you find them? The answers are here! 

Wearing a rashguard is something we really take for granted during combat sports training. Whether it is long, short, or no sleeves, spats included or not, everyone involved in MMA and grappling owns at least one rashguard. And why not? After all, a rashguard is a specifically designed piece of combat sports apparel that serves many purposes! Whether it was down to their many benefits, the fact that celebrity fighters wear them, or the array of different wacky designs and graphics they’re available in, rashguards are here to stay. That said since you’re going to wear one anyway, why not get the best MMA rashguards 2021 has to offer?

The Era Of the Rashguard

Before we head to explore which are the best MMA rashguards of 2021, let’s talk about the reasons we wear them a little bit. Apart from a “fashion statement” can you pinpoint exactly how rashguards help MMA, and combat athletes, in general? Yeah, the name gives a big hint but it goes much further than just skin protection. Actually even with skin protection, there are multiple aspects to what a rashguard has to offer.

The materials of a rashguard are what make it different from a common T-shirt. Instead of cotton, specialty materials are used, allowing for specific properties. namely, on the subject of skin protection, the material prevents any kind of friction-related issues. hence the name. Moreover, it serves as a barrier between you and all the germs commonly found in gyms and on people. Even further, the best MMA rashguards have moisture-wicking properties that allow them to keep sweat away from your skin. In fact, they even serve as a barrier that protects your Gi during BJJ training as well.

However, a rashguard is not just a glorified protective T-shirt for those with gentle skin. It also has lots of performance-enhancing properties, which are again, down to the choice of materials and design. The moisture-wicking properties help with thermal regulation, keeping you both cool in summer and warm in winter. At the same time, the moisture does not impact your technical work, as there’s no slipping whatsoever. Then, there’s the benefit of compression. Rashguards improve blood flow to your muscles via compression, making training more effective and immensely aiding in recovery. And finally, they can look really cool!

Best MMA Rashguards Shopping Guide For 2021

So how do you know that a rashguard is really one of the best MMA rashguards for 2021? Well, for starters you can trust that we did our research thoroughly and brought you nothing but the top options. Or, you could go and read the detailed, in-depth review we offer on each of the MMA rashguards in our 2021 guide. Finally, you could go and do it all for yourself, but we guarantee you’ll end up with the same conclusions as us!

In our best MMA rashguards 2021 guide, you’ll find high-quality, top-performance rashguards that are also affordable. After all, one rashguard is not nearly enough to get you through a week’s worth of training, You’ll need at least several ones that are durable, affordable, easy to wash and maintain, and fits all other criteria. Plus, there’s the question of design. Some people like to wear simple, one-color rashguards. Others like to dress up superheroes or wear some crazy combination of colors. Luckily, all these options exist, and we have the best of the best all lined up for you!


Best MMA Rashguards 2019 Guide - Fanii Quare

When it comes to people that love variety, the Fanii Quare rashguard is a perfect choice. you won’t get more different color and graphic designs than with this one. In fact, there are 35 different versions of this rashguard available, all of them in short sleeve form. The quality of the rashguard is also one of the highest out there, while the price is the lowest in our guide. A dream combination for any fighter!
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Out of the 35 different variations, what you first need to choose is style. You have plain color options, color combinations with a black or white base, or sublimated graphics, like the one on the picture above. When it comes to stocking up on the best MMA rashguard, you can get everything you need with the Fanii Quare rashguard! The material is a special Polyester (86%) and Spandex (14%) blend. The fabric is breathable, offers thermal regulation and great compression. There’s absolutely no retention of moisture or odors, nor any type of microbes. the fabric offers a 4-way-stretch option that guarantees comfort and maximal performance. Compatible with all kinds of washing machines and available in sizes small to extra large.


Best MMA Rashguards Of 2019 - Elite Sports

As far as I am concerned this is the classiest looking rashguard in our best MMA rashguard 2021 guide. With Elite Sports quality is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that you’re getting everything you need. Plus, you have a variety at your disposal, as well as an incredible price! The perfect rashguard for serious fighters and also a top choice for grappling competitors.
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There are seven different designs of this rashguard, based on the ranks in BJJ. The reason for this is that this is one of the few rashguards that are allowed in the official IBJJF competition. All designs feature a black base color, and either black, blue, purple, brown, white, gray, or red on the shoulders. Once again, a proprietary blend of Polyester and Spandex guarantees everything, from comfort to performance and durability. There’s flatlock stitching throughout, meaning you’ll never feel the seems. The graphics are fully sublimated and won’t ever crack or fade. Furthermore, there are anti-slip bands on the waist and sleeves. Sizes include everything between S and XXL.


Best MMA Rashguards Of 2019 - Sanabul

Sanabul is one of the leading MMA gear brands out there. While all their prices suggest that it is a budget equipment brand, the opposite is actually the case. This rashguard is of the utmost quality, is extremely durable, and looks awesome. Plus, all of Sanabul’s rashguards are built with performance in mind, so this rashguard comes second to none when it comes to MMA training.
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In terms of variety, there are only two different designs available. One is black, with red seems and a chest logo and white letters on the sleeves. The other is blue, with white logos and writing. Both look awesome and come in long-sleeved versions. The real slinger with this rashguard is performance. First of all, the rashguard fits better than any other due to the new, improved fit design. Fully sublimated graphics guarantee durability and ease of maintenance. The material is completely resistant to microbes, is ultra-light and comfortable, and very versatile. In case you want to run or surf with this rashguard on, it provides UV SPF 50 protection on top of everything else. The stitching is flatlock, and there’s special graduated compression on the arms and upper torso. Available in sizes small to extra large.


Best MMA Rashguards Of 2019 - Meister

Here’s a rashguard the might seem like it has no place among the est MMA rashguards of 2021. Well, that’s certainly not the case. In fact, this rashguard beats all others when it comes to comfort. The Meister “RUSH” long sleeve rashguard is the most comfortable one you’ll lever wear, not to mention high-performing at the same time. Available for a discounted price, limited time only!
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The design variations of this rashguard are three in total. In each situation, there’s a combination of three colors: black, charcoal, and neon green, grey, charcoal, and black, and a white, black, and green one. They all come with long sleeves, flatlock stitching, and optimal design for MMA. The rashguard has an athletic cut and conforms perfectly to the body. Moreover, it is made from 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, providing it with the most comfortable feel ever! There absolutely no restriction of movement and the rashguard has incredible durability and resilience. The waistband and sleeves have inner rubber bands that further guarantee no slipping. Compatible with all washing machines and featuring quick-dry technology. You can get these rashguards in anything in between small and XXL.


Best MMA Rashguards Of 2019 - Mytra Long SLeeves

This rashguard is the most high-performance rashguard in our best MMA rashguards 2021 guide. If you are training in an area with extremely hot and cold weather conditions, this one is the perfect choice for you. It provides a never-before-seen level of thermal regulation, on top of offering maximal performance qualities. Plus, it looks ridiculously good!
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The Mytra Power Layer rashguard comes in three different varieties, all with long sleeves and black color as the base. Color variations include grey, red or green along the seems. There’s Mytra hybrid heat regulative compression technology that is state of the art. The material is a polyester and spandex hybrid, equipped with Anatomic Dry-Tech properties. Furthermore, the GCU-Hybrid Mix means this rashguard will last you a lifetime. Strategically placed flexing constructions further provide mobility and muscle support. The rashguard also features anti-odor and anti-itch fabric, along with a 50+ SPF. A smooth and seamless elastic drawcard band ensures the perfect fit. Stretchable in every possible angle and available in sizes S-XL.


Best MMA Rashguards Of 2019 - Fuji

We finally arrive at the point in our best MMA rashguards 2021 guide where I’m about to pick a favorite. The Fuji Freestyle rashguard is easily my top pick of 2021! This long-sleeve rashguard has it all, whether you’re into MMA or grappling. It has an awesome design, incredible quality, and is unisex, meaning ladies can even wear it when fighting if they choose to do so. Moreover, it is IBJJF approved.
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Fuji is a brand that is most famous for BJJ Gis. However, they also make some extra-quality BJJ and MMA gear. The Freestyle rashguard is without a doubt one of the best products they have to offer. It is available in four different designs, all featuring BJJ rank colors. They all look amazing, although the black, white and red one is the best according to me. The rashguard is 100 % anti-microbial fabric, made from a proprietary Fuji blend that’s undisclosed. There is reinforced flatlock stitching, guaranteeing both durability and immense comfort. There’s actually a short sleeve version of this rashguard also available. sizes range between small and 3X-large and the price is more than reasonable! Perfect athletic fit guaranteed!


Best MMA Rashguards Of 2019 - Venum Gladiator

Finally, a real colossus among MMA rashguards. While we provided different great quality options for incredible prices before, this time we’ll make an exception. Not on the quality, but rather on the price. This particular rashguard comes in a bit more expensive than all the others in our best MMA rashguards guide. However, it is more than worth it, as you can see.
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When you see Venum, you know you’re looking at ultra-high quality MMA gear. The Venum Gladiator 3.0 rashguard is as good a rashguard as they come. This is a rashguard that you get once, and you wear for life, even if you do so daily. It comes in three distinct designs, all featuring the same sublimated graphics. The differences are mainly in the color, with all black, black/red, and black/white available. There is a state-of-the-art compression technology that means your muscles get improved blood flow and perform at a much higher rate. The cut is specifically designed for MMA, leaving absolutely no outlets. Flatlock, extra-strong seams further adding to the durability of the rashguard. There’s also a rubber band at the waist and sleeves to guarantee a snug fit.

Sizes include small, medium, large, Xl and XXL. One of the best MMA rashguards ever built, without a doubt!

What Is A Good MMA Rashguard?

Let’s go over a few technical aspects of the rashguards before we wrap our best MMA rashguards 2021 guide up. namely, we’ll cover materials, sizing, sleeve-length, stitching, cut, etc. All of these are qualities that highly impact how efficient a rashguard is. Without them, it’s nothing more than a fancy-looking T-shirt.

The materials rashguards are made from need to be elastic, have moisture-wicking properties, be odor and microbe-resistant, and easy to wash and maintain. This is a pretty tall order. The manufacturers of the best MMA rashguards usually have patented blends of their own, but all of them include combinations of Nylon, Spandex, and Polyester. These types of blends allow for both compression and 4-way stretching. Stitching is also hugely important and usually comes in the form of either flatlock or overlock. Flatlock is the preference but overlocks are much more durable.

When it comes to size and cut, most rashguards have an athletic cut. This is understandable, as you want them to fit you like a glove. On the subject of size, always consult a size chart. However, if there’s no shrinkage rate, make sure you buy an exact size. If you’re in doubt, always go for the smaller size.

Sleeve-length is usually down to you, but long sleeve rashguards are better if you’re grappling. they provide a better surface to hold on to and reduce slipping. Finally, when it comes to choosing a rashguard, make sure there’s built-in ventilation, but without many meh pannels. Mesh panels are the first to go in MMA training, particularly sparring.


If you’ve really decided to train MMA or grappling, you’ll wear a rashguard .make it a point to acquire one, or more, of ht best MMA rashguards of 2021 so that you do not have to go looking for new ones every few months. Moreover, make sure you wear one at every training session. While training with a bare chest might seem more masculine to you, there are performance qualities to wearing a rashguard that really provides an edge. And you need every advantage you can get!

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