Understanding Concepts Will Skyrocket Your Jiu-Jitsu


Focus solely on one concept from one position. Fully understand the mission in its context and don’t look at anything else on YouTube or in your library that doesn’t have anything to do with it. Stay laser-like focused.

For example, take Guard passing and instead of looking up all kinds of passes, take one pass and understand the core concept of it.

When passing the guard you can go in 4 directions. You can pass guards over the legs, under the legs, or around the legs (meaning left or right). There are combinations of that as well. So, pick one direction, and take a deep dive into the concepts of why and how it works.

Let’s take the Stack Pass in which we’re going under the legs.

When looking at the Stack Pass concept it’s really about controlling the legs by lifting the opponent’s hips off the ground. How do you lift the hips depends on if it’s Gi or No-Gi. It also depends on the grips, and on the reaction. The Grips you use, the entry, the reaction of the opponent those things don’t matter, and yet they all do.

When you fully understand a concept you won’t get caught up in the failure of a single grip. It won’t matter your opponent’s reaction because you will learn to adjust accordingly if you understand the concept and the core. You understand at a deeper level what is really going on.

If you don’t get the grip you want, you won’t feel like it makes or breaks you. There’s no failure, only adjusting how you keep applying the concept. The concept is for you to get the hips off the ground, to control the opponent, and pass. Research how to do that.

Entries, concepts, tricking your opponent to do it for you, it all matters because it keeps it interesting. Take a deep dive into that one concept and train it for the next 33 days. I guarantee that your understanding will skyrocket.

The Concept is the Macro part, which to me is the most important because it is the common denominator in the success of the technique.

The setup or variations are great, but knowing the larger goal will keep your eye on the real prize.

It’s the understanding of Jiu-Jitsu that we are truly after. If we understand the core, the concepts of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in situations, we can be our own best coach. It may not make you the best in the world, but you can’t be the best in the world without it.

Understanding the core concept will allow you to look at any position and troubleshoot it. Come up with our own solutions instead of being spoon-fed answers by others.

I’m rooting for you. Make the most of the rest of this year!!

Keep Moving Forward

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