Uber Driver Attacked by the Woman – BJJ Fanatics Offered $250 gift to Anyone Who Knows Him

Atlanta Police had an interesting job this weekend. They arrested a woman for biting, beating and hitting the car of an Uber driver. 

The Uber driver, Yasser Hadi, said he dropped off a passenger at the 14th Street and Howell Mill Road when a woman who came out of nowhere jumped on his car and threatened to kill him. When he tried to control her she bit him, so he was screaming in pain.

“She’s acting weird, she’s acting wild, and she’s on the car hitting it, telling me I need to die, to kill me,” said driver Yasser Hadi.

The woman even got inside an Uber driver’s car. When he managed to pull her out and control her she fought back with bitting a driver so hard that he was screaming in pain.
“The pain, I said, “I don’t care if she takes my arm or my flash, i just want her to go away,” said Hadi. “I want her to go away from me.”

Atlanta Police Department soon after an incident arrested 26-year-old Tasheena Campbell. She will be tried for murder and criminal trespass.

“It’s horrible, she’s hit me in my job, my health and my financial pocket money, it’s hard,” said Hadi to FOX5.

As Hadi has no insurance he hopes that with hard work and a little help he’ll back on the road.

“I’m in a bad situation,” said Hadi. “I wish people see this and help.”

Tasheena Campbell, the attacker, is in jail. She also got warrants out for two incidents in two other countries.

If you would like to help Hadi, an uber driver to fix his car and help him get back on the streets here is a Gofundme link to donate.

BJJ Fanatics Offers $250 to anyone who knows this guy!

Michael Zenga, Co-Owner of BJJ Fanatics, offered $250 to anyone who knows this guy.

“If someone knows this Bro – the Uber Driver, I’d like to volunteer a $250 gift certificate to the BJJ Fanatics store. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he shouldn’t have lost a fight to this woman. It just can’t happen. The technology is there to stop such an emasculation and we have it – we’d like to share it with him.” – wrote Michael Zenga

In a case, you know the guy hurry up to BJJ Fanatics and get some free instructionals

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