Top Five Biggest lies in Jiu Jitsu you will hear almost every day!

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Here are the top five biggest lies that you will hear while you’re training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Unfortunately, you’ll hear them almost every single time you come to training but you’ll get used to it. And probably you’ll recognize yourself in them if you’re honest enough.

1. Let’s roll light!
How many times you heard let’s roll light and then they go super hard? Or they asked you to go light and after some time that escalates in a real war?

2. Excuses when tapped out.
You tap him with a foot lock and you hear oh wait my ankle is so sore from one week a go and then they start turning their feet in all directions and saying some non-sense while looking down as they can’t watch you in the eyes as they know they’re lying? Or you tap them on anything and they say they were testing their defense? They had such a long and hard day? Or they wanted to see if you know how to finish that submission? Or they just give something for fun?

3. I don’t have an ego! 
Yes you do! We all have an ego! Someone smaller, someone bigger but it’s there. And even if you left your ego at the door you will definitely take it home once you’re finished with the class.

4. Strength doesn’t matter!
Sure it does. How many times you were bench pressed from side mount? How many times you were in the air when trying to apply triangle or armbar? How many times you couldn’t stop your opponents from turning into turtle? Well, most of the time you’ll hear it from your coach as he doesn’t want to you to leave BJJ and go to weight lifting.

5. Annoying Comments and questions after sparring
There is so much annoying comments after sparring especially if you destroyed someone. But as all cool as we are we’re always willing to listen to them, say it’s true and put a big smile on.
What’s your weight? They know your weight but they just want to feel good. Or, how tight was my choke on you? If it was a good choke you would tap so… Or, “I had you there but…” No you didn’t so stop pointing at something that didn’t exist.

David Bista
Purple Belt

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