Top Reasons and Warnings That Your Instructor “Sucks”

We are all paying for our classes and we deserve the best possible instructors for ourselves. So here are top reasons and warnings for you to change your gym as fast as possible. This can be easily applied to any sport. 1. Your instructor’s lineage is unclear! When you ask your instructor about his belt lineage and you notice that his answers are weird, unclear and he has no real Idea who gave him a belt you should be worried.  2. Your instructor never trained Jiu Jitsu or Martial Art that he’s teaching you. Your instructor is fake and you can spend your time better elsewhere. 3. Your instructor hates “what if” questions. Jiu-Jitsu is a very complex sport and instructors should be happy if you ask them as many questions as you want. Instructors that hates your question are most of the time afraid they … Continue reading Top Reasons and Warnings That Your Instructor “Sucks”