The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi Jonathan Satava DVD

What is the most modern guard of today? That is a debate that could go on for days. In fact, I might just do analysis and cover it in a dedicated article. Until then, and until such time as the closed guard kicks off again, I’m going to claim it is the butterfly guard. Simple, timeless, and extremely effective, this guard is the base for pretty much any kind of attack in BJJ. Whether you like No-Gi leg locks or playing spider guard, the butterfly guard is the launching pad. Whether you agree with me, or not, you’re bound to fall back to the butterfly guard at a certain point in time. The brand new Jonathan Satava DVD “The Modern butterfly Guard No-Gi” is the answer, both for die-hard fans of the guard and sporadic users alike.

Jon Satava – The Modern Butterfly Guard (DVD/DIGITAL)

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Many people have tried to dissect the butterfly guard in a way that is understandable for grapplers of all levels. Ther are only a few that come close, and nobody has succeeded in dumbing it down enough. Until now. There are many reasons this Jonathan Satava DVD is such a game-changer in terms of the butterfly guard. Ther’s the fact that he is an ultra high-level black belt. There’s also the fact that he got that black belt from Marcelo Garcia, unbeatable from the butterfly guard. Also, there’s the fact that training with people like Dillon Danis, Marcos Tinoco and Dominyka Obelnyte on a regular basis. Whatever the case, “The Modern butterfly Guard NO-Gi” instructional is the riddle-solver we’ve been waiting for.

The Butterfly Guard King

Modern times do present a challenge when it comes to crowing the butterfly guard king. People like Eddie CUmmngs and Adam Wardiznki have had tremendous success with the position. However, if we’re looking for the true butterfly guard G.O.A.T. aficionado, it has to be Marcelo Garcia. The energetic Brazilian was the first to take the butterfly guar to new heights. Since his legendary ADCC performances, Marcelo has kept working on the guar with his top black belts, evolving it further and further.

One fo these notable black belts is Jonathan Satava. He has been training with Marcelo since he was a blue belt and got all his other belts from Garcia. After a stellar 2014 when he won the Pans in Gi and No-Gi and the No-Gi worlds as a brown belt, he received his black belt in early 2015. Since then, Satava went on to conquer ADCC trials, The Canada National Pro and a bunch of other titles at a black belt. And he is far from done.

One reason why Jonathan’s butterfly guard is particularly efficient is the reason that he is very similar to Marcelo Garcia. So much so, in fact, that people often refer to him as Marcelo’s Jiu-Jitsu doppelganger. Given that Marcelo’s style is very unique and hard to copy, this gives Satava a massive advantage. In fact, he is so successful with the butterfly guard, among other things, mostly because he can learn exactly what Marcelo teaches. The most impressive thing, though, is that once it comes to Satava to do the teaching, he dumbs it down so that everyone can understand and use it. In fact, without “The Modern butterfly Guard No-Gi” Jonathan Satava DVD Marcelos’s butterfly secrets would’ve stayed hidden for years to come!

Review: “The Modern Butterfly Guard – No-Gi” Jon Satava DVD

What can you expect from The Modern butterfly Guard NO-GI instructional? Well if you haven’t seen a Jonathan Satava DVD until now, you’re definitely in for a surprise. Imagine learning from Marcelo Garcia, only heh as a Ph.D. at teaching Jiu-JItsu That pretty much describes Satava to a T. This No-Gi Instructional has four parts, each focusing on butterfly guard essentials. When I say essentials, I mean what is considered essentials in Marcelo’s academy. In other words, for the rest of us mortals, there’s some innovative and brand new information in there. Moreover, even though this is a No-Gi instructional, everything applies to Gi Jiu-Jitsu as well, S far as the legitimacy of the system goes, Satava and Marcelo’s competitive backgrounds are more than enough proof.

The content is divided into four parts, each running at just under an hour. Each part focuses on a series of related subjects in a very easy-to-follow fashion. Moreover, each part builds on the previous, allowing you to start at the very beginning and go on from there. That makes it perfect for anyone, regardless of fo belt level and experience. The DVD kicks off with some butterfly basics and sweeps, before covering a crazy submission system most people never really use. Furthermore, there are some Marcelo-style double attacks and chains that are nuts. Plus, there’s a whole volume that deals with different reactions and how to neutralize them. Form a production standpoint, there are no audio or visual glitches. Finally, Jonathan is a great teacher that knows how to communicate integral information in a way everyone can understand.

#1 – Intro And Sweeping

Volume 1 of the “The Modern butterfly Guard No-Gi” Jonathan Satava DVD begins with an introduction to the butterfly guard. Yeah, we all know what it is, but there’s stuff in there that’s completely new. Secret tips from how to position your legs, to posture and how to move with your arms are going to change your butterfly game forever.

After the introduction, off-balancing and sweeps run this volume to an end. There are several sweeps, a couple of which are new takes on old classics. These include the over-under and collar-elbow sweeps. Also, the blast double from the butterfly can qualify as a sweep too. Something new and exciting is the short hook sweep, which everyone will appreciate. Also, there are some key concepts in there, referring to how to use your hips similarly to Marcelo. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a butterfly guard DVD without a 2-on-1 back take an entry, would it?

#2 – The Inverted Armbar System

This is the most exciting and innovative portion of the “The Modern butterfly Guard No-Gi” Jonathan Satava DVD. In fact, this volume is worth acquiring the instructional by itself. While plenty of submission entries are available from the butterfly, there aren’t many direct ones. Well, it turns out there are, we just don’t know they’re there. One example which Satava covers in-depth here is the inverted armbar. Before going into it, however, he presents some serious double underhooks and body lock knowledge.

37m7al - The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi Jonathan Satava DVDAs far as the inverted armbar goes, it starts off easy – with a snap set up directly for the butterfly guard. However, instead of stopping there, there’s more, much more. Form a simple hip escape to really turn up the crank, to a hook sweeps and transitioning into a classic armbar and a triangle from the inverted armbar. In other words, anything you might think of is right there. Plus, Satava shares some nasty reverse headlock sweeps to wrap this volume up.

#3 – Double Attacks

The second portion of this instructional is a bit more advanced. Nothing anyone from purple upwards won’t be able to handle, but you do need to understand some of the basics form the previous two volumes. Opening the account is the rebound hooks sweep, followed by a rebound guillotine. And this is where things get interesting. Struggling with the guillotine form the butterfly guard? Satava offers unstoppable counters to guillotine choke defenses.

This volume is also where Jon Satava covers some technique chains. In fact, he likes to attack in doubles, threatening either with two submissions or a sweep and a submission. The idea is that double attacks have twice the chance of success. Examples include triangle chokes off a hook lift sweep and a foot-to-hip into an Omoplata. Speaking of Omoplatas, there’s a crazy one that works when your opponent controls your legs. Finally, there’s also a great reverse triangle off of the basic overhook sweep.

#4 – Reacting To Movement

As this Jonathan Satava DVD draws to an end, it is time to cover some aspects of the butterfly guard nobody else has. Here, Jon offers answers to the questions that make people abandon the butterfly guard before they really give it a chance. One such example is dealing with standing opponents. Instead of getting smashed you can use a variety of ankle picks, double leg and single-leg takedowns to literally turn the tables.

37m77y - The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi Jonathan Satava DVDMoreover, there are some key new moves, like the reverse hook sweep and push sweep that are bang on the money. Plus, Satava covers how you should move when you’re facing a standing opponent which is immense! The elbow control armbar and crescent kick counter bring a bit of excitement to this volume. Finally, a few closing thoughts bring “The Modern butterfly Guard No-Gi” instructional to an end.


“The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi” Jonathan Satava DVD is not a complete butterfly guard system. It is actually a collection of high percentage attacks that chain together seamlessly combined with some fundamental understanding of the guard as a position. This approach is what turns this instructional into the best ever on the subject of the butterfly guard. Not to mention that Satava is the perfect filter for Marcelo’s teachings. He teaches all the core concepts and moves, breaking them down completely and removing unnecessary clutter. A perfect fit for any grappler!

Jon Satava – The Modern Butterfly Guard (DVD/DIGITAL)

Jon Satava Cover 1024x1024 300x202 - The Modern Butterfly Guard No-Gi Jonathan Satava DVD
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