REVIEW: Ear Shield – Caulear Protection

I came across the articles about the prevention of cauliflower ear in contact sports and
as a BJJ practitioner who has had ear trouble in the past I contacted Caulear Protection through their website and they kindly offered me a set of Caulear ear shields to try in return for honest feedback. As this is the worlds 1 st customised ear protector I was somewhat sceptical but agreed to try them because of the benefit to all those who have suffered and continue to suffer from cauliflower ear.

You won’t have to do this ever again!
This is what it looks like on your ear

The ear moulds were very easy to take thanks to the video explanation by BAMMA WORLD

Shortly after I had returned my moulds to Caulear protection I received my customised ear shields within a week;

BJJ Fanatics On SALE

– 1 x set of clear ear shields (colour combinations available)
– 1 x 15ml bottle of skin adhesive
– 4 x adhesive removal wipes
– Carrying case

The moulding kit
Moulding Kit

I was surprised how easily they were to insert and once fitted they were so comfortable due to their flexibility, light weight and perfect customised fit. I wore them at training sessions and found the protection incredible even on my already damaged ear, as the sessions went on I felt more confident with their performance and forgot I had them in as my hearing was not impaired and I was not constantly fixing them back into place like the ear cups.


A must have for those not wanting the pain, loss of hearing and medical bills for
draining including missed training sessions and permanent ear disfiguration, all because of
cauliflower Ear!


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