Renato Canuto In Episode 2 Of “The New Guard”

There’s something brewing in the BJJ community! Something new, something interesting and something that’s bound to become a real hit. If little is good that more must be better, and so it is. Just recently, ht very first episode of a brand new series called “The New Guard” was released. It was great, but largely, it flew under the radar. Well, episode two is now ready and I have a feeling it is going to be the breakthrough this new documentary needs. This time around, it is time to take a look at one of the most exciting grapplers of today – Renato Canuto and his unique grappling style.

I for one have been really looking forward to these type of “behind the scenes” or “Open Acess” videos in terms of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes. So far we’ve seen loads of these on MMA stars There are even some on BJJ grapplers, but only as part of event previews. Well, this time, Flo Grappling have decided to do something different. And we’re welcoming it with open arms. “The New Guard”, a series of documentaries that’s still in its early phase si something the BJJ World needed. In fact, we could even say we had it coming. Finally, the series is here, and it is available on a grappling friendly platform.

Moreover, even from just a couple of episodes so far, it is clear it will be top quality! I mean, they got a look into Renato Canuto and his training and lifestyle like nobody before! Simply put, this is an episode you have to watch!

“The New Guard” BJJ Documentary Series

The routine of modern times goes something like this: come home, turn the TV on and take a pick from Netflix. The only trouble is, that if you’re crazy about BJJ and grappling, you won’t really find much stuff to binge on. Particularly in the series department. Granted, there are some great flicks that are upcoming, but they’re still some time away from being available. So, what can you do if you want to skip over all the Marvel-themed series of today and watch some grappling? Well, turn to “The New Guard” Jiu-Jitsu documentary series, of course.

The New Guard Documentary Featuring Renato Canuto“The New Guard” documentary series started in July, with a first episode that featured huge new talent, Roberto Jimenez. The first episode was the perfect bow for this series, and not just because of the featured World Champion. The entire concept behind the documentary series is impeccable. This is not your garden variety 10 minute short BJJ movie clip. This is a full length, featured documentary that covers everything about a grappler. Form early days, motivation and some never-before-heard personal stories all the way to dissecting their games and looking at some of their best matches. All in all, this is a dream-documentary for anyone that’s big on grappling.

Episode one was certainly a success, if I may say. Yes, it might not have gotten the attention episode two will, but I was the very first one in what we hope will be a long-lasting and successful series. On the plus side, everyone that saw episode 1 had positive comments, as did we here at BJJ World. This is exactly why we can’t recommend that you give it a try. Particularly as Episode 2 is just around the corner, and it features none other than Renato Canuto.

Renato Canuto – It Is All Funk And Dancing

Renato Canuto is a BJJ black belt under his father, Valdir Canuto. Normally, Renato started training with him, but not before he had a solid Judo background. As expected, Renato turned out to be one of the best talents of today.  Dubbed “the most exciting brown belt” Canuto became a world champion after submitting almost all fo his opponents in 2016. At the end of the year, Canuto also got his black belt from his father.

In his career as a black belt, which is taking off now as we speak, the lightweight won the UAEJJF grand slam, in LA, The No-Gi Worlds, a few Kasai events and had memorable performances at EBI, among others. And, at 23 years of age, Canuto has all his options open. We expect to see a lot more success from him. However, his titles are not what sets him apart from other grapplers.

Renato Canuto - 50 shades of Armbars
Techniques List

Renato Canuto has an awesome BJJ Instructional out called “50 Shades Of Armbars”. It is al all-you-can-eat armbar buffet, providing you with arm-locking options you’ve never seen before!

Renato Canuto The New Guard Episode 2So far, Renato Canuto’s style is one of the most exciting and unorthodox ones out there. As you’ll hear him say in episode 2 of “The New Guard” documentary, he actually liked to be a funk singer. So, as Renato Canuto likes to say, when he grapplers, he does in his own rhythm. As he gets going, he looks like he is dancing around, and plenty of acrobatic stuff that not many can pull off comes naturally to him. This means he hits spinning, flying and all sorts of other moves with great precision and ease. For more inside information on his BJJ upcoming, as well as his style and aspirations for the future, check out the upcoming “New Guard” episode.

A Taste Of Something Different

All in all, “the New Guard” documentary series is certainly a breath of fresh air in JIu-Jitsu. To be honest, BJJ lacks any kind of filmography. There is only a handful of documentaries, most of them looking at the Gracies and their early BJJ efforts.  However, whether it is movies, series, documentaries ora mix of them all, there’s clearly an appetite for them among the BJJ crowd. This is exactly where this new documentary series comes in, filling a huge void. And Roberto Jimenez and Renato Canuto are great grapplers to start with.

If the first episode, where incredible brown belt talent Roberto Jimenez is anything to judge by, we have a highly entertaining and promising series on our hands. Jimenez is a brown belt he became famous for winning double gold at the worlds as a purple belt and submitting all of his opponents along the way. Episode one shows us everything, from Roberto’s early BJJ efforts, all the way to his legendary performance at the worlds. The young prodigy is not far from his black belt. That will introduce yet another new challenge to all those well-established names.

Roberto Jimenez DVD ReviewIn fact, you should check out Roberto Jimenez’s World Title-winning recipe. All you need to do is get his “Take The Back Every Match” 4 part DVD series and learn all the trick of this young talent’s game. It is one instructional you shouldn’t miss out on, even though it is not by a black belt.


An entire documentary series dedicated to BJJ is fun, entertaining and something different. Actually, it is exactly what the doctor ordered. A look at the top grapplers of our time, the likes of Renato Canuto and Roberto Jimenez. Even better yet, it is all about the rising talents of grappling, rather than looking at the same black belts over and over again. ‘The New Guard” is certainly a series you need to keep an eye out for.  Moreover, it is one I suspect we will enjoy for years to come!

Check Out the preview of Renato Canuto’s Guard.

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