MMA Fighter Submits a Guy Who Was on His Back

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Very interesting submission happened at HEX Fight Series 13 in an MMA fight between Yoo Young Woo and Simon Carson. They fought in the Light Heavyweight division.

Simon Carson was pounding Yoo Young Woo from the back mount. And it seemed like the fight is over until Simon Carson suddenly started to tap. Simon Carson was ankle locked from the most inferior position in BJJ. Yoo Young Woo used one of the biggest mistakes that you can do when you’re on your opponent’s back. Simon crossed his ankles when he was on Young Woo’s back and that was enough for Yoo Young Woo to submit him. All he had to do is to get his legs over Carson’s legs and push his hips in.

It’s really weird that this is still happening in MMA fights as it’s something that you learn on the first few days of your Brazilian Jitsu-Jitsu training. But, as we can see in a video below, Simon Carson crossed his ankles and he got submitted. He literally lost the battle he already won and learned a lesson the hard way.

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The same thing happened in a fight between Sergei Kharitonov and Jeronimo Dos Santos. They were fighting in the M-1 League in September of 2017. It was a heavyweight bout where Kharitonov lost his back and it was only about the time when he will be choked.

But his opponent Jeronimo Dos Santos did the same mistake as Carson. He crossed his legs while on Kharitonov’s back and he got submitted. The weird thing is Dos Santos was holding his legs crossed for almost two minutes until Kharitonov figured out what option he has in that position.


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