Mike Tyson Will Face Logan Paul Early Next Year

mike tyson vs logan paul

Almost all boxing fans were thrilled by Mike Tyson late last year when the most dangerous boxer in the world, has returned to the ring with an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. It was “Iron Mike’s” first appearance since 2006 and also an exhibition against Corey Sanders.

Tyson and Jones drew in a match against each other, but the impression is that Tyson was still slightly better during the eight rounds. The 55-year-old appeared in great physical shape and announced that he plans to continue with similar exhibitions. He seems to have found his next dance partner. Namely, according to numerous sources, Mike Tyson will box against Logan Paul in February 2022.

Tyson’s next opponent is a Youtube star who, at the same time, is building a boxing career, together with his brother Jake. Logan, 26, boxed against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June this year. The difference in physical size was huge between him and the much smaller Floyd, and the exhibition ended in a draw.


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Logan is now waiting for Mike Tyson who won’t have a deficit in physicals, and Youtuber may have bitten more this time than he can chew. Of course, in matches like this, the question always arises about what lies behind the agreement itself. If Mike Tyson takes this match seriously and enters the ring with ambitions to win, Logan Paul will not have a good time.

By the way, Mike Tyson hosted rapper Freddie Gibbs as part of his podcast earlier this month. Tyson and his guest discussed Mike’s plans for future performances, and Tyson also touched on the Paul brothers.

”It’s a fight that would generate a lot of money. Such struggles make money. 35 million people follow these guys (Paul brothers). Of course, I would fight them, and they would probably fight me too. They would make hundreds of millions of dollars, and they don’t care if they get beaten up for that money,” Iron Mike said

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