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The “Enter The System” instructional series by John Danaher certainly changed how we look at Jiu-Jitsu. Form the very first John Danaher DVD instructional that was all about his signature leg locks, we got to learn all of Danaher’s favorite submission systems. While the series is aimed at No-Gi competition, most, if not all of the moves in it are more than applicable in the Gi. After the initial leg locks DVD, Danaher went on to provide us with incredible information on his back attack, front headlock system, Kimura system, and just recently, his Triangle choke system. This brought the total number of Danaher DVDs to five.  However, it seems the enigmatic coach was not done. Another, this time the final, part of ‘Enter The Series” is currently in the works. In it, Danaher is going to focus on the last remaining “giant” of BJJ moves – the armbar.

It’s about hours when John Danaher’s NEW DVD/DIGITAL instructional about ARMBARS will be released so don’t forget to check if it’s up HERE.

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There’s not much that we can say about expectations from a John Danaher DVD Instructional. After all, we have fice so far, each f them at over 10 hours running time. Now, as it seems, Danaher is about to add 10 more hours of wisdom to what we already have. The Armbar installment of “Enter The System” is to be the last of the series, as we understand, However, this does not mean that Danaher is going to crawl back to secrecy and isolation again. On the contrary, he is to continue sharing his unique understanding of the Gentle Art via more digital instructionals. Watch this space closely as we’ll uncover what exactly those are going to be in the next few days. Until then, we leave you with our preview of the upcoming Enter The System: Armbar John Danaher DVD Instructional.

The Juji Gatame 

The armbar or Juji Gatame/ Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame is a submission hold that targets the elbow joint. While it is mostly associated with Judo, its origins appear to be much older. In fact, there’s evidence that a variation of the armbar was used even as far as ancient Greece. Even then, this is not the exact point that the armbar came to be. Most likely, it has its roots in the very first wrestling systems that developed in India. Basically, the armbar, as a submission, is as old as grappling martial arts themselves.

Today, the armbar is a move that people associate with Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This reliable submission hold is a favorite for a multitude of reasons. It is not hard to understand or perform, it works against opponents of all sizes, it works from many positions and it has a very high degree of success. Regardless if it is a grappling martial arts setting or an MMA one, the armbar is a go-to move.

The basic mechanic of the armbar is very easy to understand. So much so, in fact, that the armbar is often the go-to example to demonstrate more complex grappling moves. The armbar is a great example of a lever and fulcrum in action. The fulcrum, in this instance, is the hips, while the arm is the lever. The goal is to place pressure on the elbow joint, in a direction opposite of its natural bend, The result we’re after is the opponent’s tap – acknowledging defeat. A result that might occur if this does not happen is a hyperextension of the elbow joint and a serious injury to the arm. The latest John Danaher DVD instructional is going to shed even more light on this crucial grappling move.

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Enter They System Series

So far, John Danaher’s systems have been nothing short of miraculous. Danaher’s understanding of Jiu-Jitsu is at such an incredible level, that he makes even black belts get that Eureka moment. To put things into perspective, black belts are usually the people that give the Eureka moment to others. While you might think that this makes Danaher’s work only applies to advanced grapplers you’re mistaken. His DVDs cover everything, from the very basics up to crazy stuff that only a handful of people can execute (so far).

John Danaher DVD Instructional - ArmbarsThe real world effects of Dahaher’s “Enter The System” DVD Collection area apparent everywhere. From white belt division all the way to the very top levels of the sport, people are putting his principles to practice. Given that they work, we can expect to see much more of them in the incoming years. After all, there are more than 50 hours of material available at the moment. On top of that, Danaher seems relentless in his pursuit to change Jiu-Jitsu once and for all. AS far as we can see, he is more than successful.

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The final John Danaher DVD Instructional of the “Enter The System” series is a very fitting one to bring it to a wrap. the armbar, as we saw earlier, is as old as grappling. This means that the information on this simple joint lock is more than ample. Knowing the John likes to collect all the information he can before developing a system, this means you can expect the most in-depth DVD ever released. And this includes other Danaher DVD’s released up to date.

John Danaher DVD Instructional: Armbars – What To Expect

So far, every part of the Enter The System series was a No-Gi instructional. As John himself confirmed, this last one is also going to be in the No-Gi. It also rounds off all the submission systems upon which his No-Gi grappling system is built upon. Apart from leg locks, back attacks, guillotines, Kimuras, triangles, and armbars, Danaher considers other submissions to be ineffective.

In terms of contents, Danaher has displayed a lot of variety so far. Of course, his systematization is unique, so every John Danaher DVD instructional so far was different. For example, we saw narrated rolls in the Kimura DVD. Or, we saw a lot of attention to standing in the front headlocks one. There was even an unexpected cover of the Truck position in the back attacks DVD. All in all, Danaher is one that can surprise everyone with the very basics, and that is exactly what we expect to get in this latest Armbars DVD.

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As soon as John Danaher’s NEW DVD/DIGITAL instructional about ARMBAR is online we’ll write a full review on it. Don’t forget to check if it’s up HERE.