Best BJJ Training Bra For 2020 – Guide And Reviews

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Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we all accept the possibility (or better said, high probability) of injury. While we’re all ok with the odd bent finger or two, or perhaps even a tweaked elbow, there are certain parts of our anatomy that we have to give priority to. After all, as much as we claim otherwise, there are bigger things in life than BJJ. Certain parts of our bodies have functions that involve a lot of responsibility. Not to mention the pain that comes when we injure them. In these terms, both ladies and gentlemen have their own sensitive areas requiring protection during grappling. Today, we’re going to explore some protective gear aimed at the finer half of Jiu-Jitsu. If you’re looking for the  Best BJJ Training Bra to wear during class, rolling and competition, your search is over. 

While training any contact sport or martial art can never be pain-free, keeping our most vital body parts safe does seem like a reasonable thing to do. Since there’s no real way to predict what happens in a BJJ roll or match, the only way to achieve this safety is usually with specific training gear. or, to be more precise, protective training gear. When it comes to training bras, there’s another huge benefit in wearing one – comfort. After all, being uncomfortable before you even engage in a grappling exchange is not the smartest thing for anyone doing BJJ. Comfort and safety are two huge factors that merit wearing the best BJJ training bra you can find. n this article, we bring you the best options for 2020.

Choosing A Bra For Jiu-Jitsu

Before going into the best BJJ training Bra for 2029 contenders, let’s talk about what ladies should be looking for in a training bra. Remember that grappling is a lot different than running or Crossfit and not any sports bra version is suitable for training. There are certain criteria that you have to take into account when you’re on the hunt for the best BJJ training bra.

Choosing a solid BJJ training bra is a really challenging task. The first thing that you need to consider is size. There are no two ladies out there that need the same exact bra, and you might find that finding your favorite takes a bit of experimentation. In those terms, we did our best to include all kinds of bras in our 2020 guide, in order to make sure everything you need is amongst our suggestions below. Next up, consider the impact factor of grappling. Nothing with a wire inside is worth the risk, so make sure you’re looking at sports bras with protective foam cups, compressive properties, and a strapless system. X or y patterns on the back should be the only options to consider.

Speaking of material, BJJ training bras need to be both elastic and provide as much support as possible at the same time. All the sports bras in our selection are made from special materials. They allow breathability, comfort, support, and have mesh plates built into them. Of course, going completely hypoallergenic here is non-negotiable. All in all a good balance between elasticity a supports is key particularly if you’re a competitor.

The Best BJJ Training Bra for 2020

When we take into consideration all the crucial selection criteria, we end up with a fairly short guide. The goal here, however, was to get the absolute best BJJ training Bra. Furthermore, we made sure that everyone can find precisely what they’re looking for. To that extent, all options come with more than enough variety to fit all individual needs. Ladies, read our reviews, make your choice, and go for one of the first of many unbelievably comfortable rolls!

Under Armour “Armour Eclipse” Bra

Under Armour are arguably one of the most famous sportswear brands out there. they manufacture literally everything, from sneakers and tracksuits to specialized training gear. To the martial arts community, they’re known mostly as a rash guard brand. While their rashguards and spats are certainly among the very best, so are some of their other products. In terms of BJJ, their sports bras are the real deal, no doubt about it. And the “Armor Eclipse” tops their list with ease.
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Best BJJ Training Bra 2019The material is an Under Armour signature StudioLux fabric. This guarantees immense support while also providing a lot of freedom of movement. This bra is not intended for contact sports in the sense of striking but is a perfect fit for grapplers. Cups are strong, provide extended coverage, and are breathable. The front is bandeau-inspired and is very soft which is integral for grappling. the back features adjustable cross straps which give you the option of custom fitting this bra. Mesh lining is added for extra support. There are more than a dozen different color options. Sizes range from SM to XL, but you should consider looking at the chart (included) before purchasing.

Victoria’s Secret VSX “The Player Racerback” Sports Bra

There’s no woman out there that has no idea what Victoria’s Secret is. heck, most men even know the brand. However, this famous brand manufactures a lot more than just exclusive lingerie. they also have their range of sports bras, with “The Player Racerback” top of the list for Jiu-Jitsu ladies.
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Best BJJ Training BraThis pullover style sports bra comes with more variety than any other on our Best BJJ Training Bra guide. More than 30 design variations are available, featuring multicolor, sublimated designs. The material is a four-way stretch, special Nylon performance fabric. There’s moisture-wicking technology all around, ensuring you’ll stay dry during training. Comes in all regular sizes plus a few specific models, like “small petite”, for example. It is a full coverage bra, which is the only way to go for grappling since there’s no way of anything popping out. Another great thing about this bra is that there are no wires or any other metal parts that could cause injury.


Another common sports manufacturer brand is Reebok. While not many people associated them with high-grade combat sports performance gear until the UFC contract, they do now. Put on any UFC event in the past couple of years and you’ll see world-class athletes in full Reebok gear. Apart from endorsement trouble for UFC’s main stars, the Reebok gear proved reliable for the octagon. This includes sports bras a swell.
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Best BJJ Training Bra 2019The one Reebok product to feature in the Best BJJ training bra of 2020 guide is the “Running Speedwick High Impact” Bra. This bra is particularly designed for high impact sports, meaning the support you get from it is unlike any other. The material this bra is made of is a special blend of 60% cotton and 40 % rayon. The fabric has immense moisture-wicking properties, ensuring sweat doesn’t linger. Even the hardest rolls won’t see this bra budging. It comes in pullover style, offering great coverage. An elastic band at the bottom ensures everything stays neatly in place. Two different multi-colored designs are currently available, along with all the usual sizes. 


Champion Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

Champion is another one of those brands that fall under the Reebok and Under Armour category. they’re well-known manufacturers of a wide array of sports gear. While people wouldn’t expect them to have a specialized grappling product, their comfortable full-support bra proves the opposite. While it might not be a grappling specific model originally, it more than fits the bill.
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Best BJJ Training BraThe bra features an incredible design, with a different fabric in different areas. The lining is a mix of Spandex and Nylon, the straps are 100% silicone, the cup lining is polyester and spandex and the strap lining is pure cotton. As you can see, a lot of thought went into the creation of this training bra. In fact, it is such a uniquely tailored product that it should only be washed by hand. The bra has moisture-wicking properties along with mash pannes for targeted ventilation. The straps are infused with gel, leaving no space for dig-in marks and discomfort. Cups are molded for both support and shape. The bra closes with a hook and eye closure for maximal adjustment. Comes in well over 20 different sizes and more than 50 color/design varieties. This one is our preferred choice or 2020 by far!


Moving Comfort “Juno” Bra

The Juno bra is one that’s been around and is not a product specific to 2020. However, it is still on our best BJJ training bra list, given its overall quality and performance properties. The fact that it stays among the best for years is a testament to its quality on its own.
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Best BJJ Training Bra 2019The “Juno” Bra is one of the most adjustable sports bras in existence. That comes on top of the fact that it comes in more than a dozen different sizes. The Juno comes with a patented keyhole back closure. This bra also offers compression on top of support and protection, as a result of racerback encapsulation. On another note, it’s great for women with C cup + sizes. It is a high impact bra, meaning it can take just about anything you throw at it. The cups are seamless and molded to the interior. They guarantee shape, support, and maximal moisture wicking. Straps close on the front with a hook and loop system, offering easy adjustability. Also features integrated mesh zones for ventilation. available in four different color varieties.


Casall “Iconic” Sports Bra

The final bra in our 2020 best BJJ training bra is Casall’s “Iconic” sports bra. This is another bra with a design that fits a wide variety of sports but ends up a perfect fit for grapplers. This is due to its innovative design and very special materials.
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Best BJJ Training BraThe Iconic Sports Bra is a product that is available in 10 different sizes, including multiple possibilities for A, B, C, and D sizes. It also features a really cool design, coming in with a black background and some great sublimated art. It is a slim-fit model, perfect for athletic-type bodies. Casall’s training bra is a pullover style bra that acts pretty much like a rashguard on top of all it’s sports bra properties. Among its unique properties is the Soft TactelMicro Aquator lining that ensures a great fit, moisture-wicking, and maximum comfort. Soft mesh panels are located at the back to ensure ventilation. It offers great support as well as full coverage. Price-wise, this is one of the most affordable high-grade training bras for Jiu-Jitsu.


Training Tips And Tricks

In order to end things in style, we’ll go over a few tips and tricks for all the ladies just starting grappling. It is going to be a completely different experience anyway, without you having to worry about things like your training bra, In that sense, a few words of advice:

The first thing to remember is to forget about wearing a regular everyday bra. Sports bras feature a design that keeps your breast in place and minimizes the training impact. Plus they’re way safer given the usual construction of everyday bras. In terms of cleavage, always go for more coverage for grappling. You’ll soon find out that there’s a reason grapplers train in Gis or rashguards. Regular clothes can’t stay put under the stress of grappling at a high pace. Also, all you ladies with heavy breasts, forget about thinking that two bras on top of each other will solve your problems. Get a sports bra if you truly want to train without risking an injury.

In terms of closure, you can either go pullover style or with front or back closure. Whatever you choose, as long as it’s a hook and loop closure, you’re good. Also, bear in mind that training bra sizes do differ from regular ones, so check the size charts for every product. When checking sizes make sure you have the option to adjust, as your bottom elastic band and straps provide the best option to make your bra fit perfectly!

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